Unique lake in Kazan
What attracts tourists in old Russian cities? Of course, the most interesting is a rich history, an abundance of ancient temples, ancient FORTS and several other ancient and modern attractions.…

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East Lake Park, Wuhan attractions China
  Park East Lake is located in the Eastern suburb of Wuchang (Wuchang) Hubei province (Hubei) at the foot of mount Luzza (Lujia Mount). The Park area is 87 square…

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Mirages over lake Baikal – the most mysterious lake


The Mirage has long been perceived as a normal, natural, real. Any physicist, even not most skilled, can explain the nature of this phenomenon is literally “on fingers”. The mystery of mirages is that they arise unpredictable and also display anything.

One of the places on the planet where you can see various mirages, is a well-known lake Baikal, is surrounded by mysteries and riddles. Despite the paranormality of lake Baikal, mirages on site wonder only the tourists, but the locals have long been taking them for granted. It is not strange, because the Mirage near lake Baikal appears quite often. For example, the inhabitants of coastal settlements see mirages from 2 to 16 times a year. Often they display the opposite shore, rocks, trees. The most extensive and strange mirages on Baikal are those where you can see outlying villages, their homes, and even people. Mirages above the lake observed in 1957, scientist V. Lamakin, who for long time was engaged in the study of lake Baikal. He saw in the sky above the lake by a passing passenger train TRANS-Siberian railway.

In extremely rare cases, the lake is even more striking. Sometimes, in the worlds above it can be seen areas located thousands of kilometers away from lake Baikal.

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East Lake Park, Wuhan attractions China


Park East Lake is located in the Eastern suburb of Wuchang (Wuchang) Hubei province (Hubei) at the foot of mount Luzza (Lujia Mount). The Park area is 87 square kilometers, of which 33 square kilometers is the lake. Around the lake are built over 70 different buildings, including pavilions, terraces and towers and planted more than two million different trees.

The mild climate and large number of Sunny days per year has created favorable conditions for the local flora: more than three million plants of 372 different species grow in the Park. Spring blooming orchids graceful, delicate Lotus blossoms in summer, autumn sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant, and in winter the trees are a riot of flowers plum. The Park is home to 80 species of birds, and the lake is full of fish; Wuchang fish is the rarest and the most famous in China.

Limitless water of East lake, surrounded by the peaks of the mountains, creating a landscape of extraordinary beauty. Small and big lakes come together and form a “99 turbulence” (they call this area the locals). The Park is divided into different thematic areas, each of which is distinguished by its architecture, vegetation and landmarks. Six of them – “Tinto”, Continue reading

Landmarks of Macedonia


Macedonia is a Paradise in the heart of the Balkans. Every year here on vacation, millions of tourists come from all over Europe! Them attracts a huge number of interesting attractions, picturesque valleys and crystal clear lakes.

The town of Ohrid is the center of the Balkans!

The highlight of any trip to Macedonia is to stay in the city of Ohrid. This is full of attractions the city possesses an indescribable beauty, and rich history and culture. The crystal clear waters of the nearby lake, made the city a real magnet for tourists and vacationers from all over Macedonia. Millennial picturesque churches, cathedrals and other ancient religious monuments make Ohrid the most important Orthodox centre of the Balkans and the spiritual heart of Macedonia. Near the town is another attraction, tourists gazaeta “Lake lovers”. The name of the lake has purchased due to its quiet and cozy location with wonderful views of the city. That’s why walking here and couples just wanting to relax from the daily bustle.

It is interesting to know that Ohrid is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is entirely included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

City Museum is a historical landmark of Macedonia

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