Unique tri-colored crater lake of Kelimutu volcano
Kelimutu volcano is located on lost in the ocean island of Flores, which belongs to the Small Eastern Indonesian Sunda Islands. Since the island is far removed from the mainland,…

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Top ten places in America
It is very difficult and even to some extent it is unfair to choose the most beautiful States in America. because each of them has its own unique feature. The…

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Tour of Western Canad


Arrival in calgary – the center of economic growth in Canada, the most dynamic city in North America. A short tour on the way from the airport to the hotel. Check in to hotel. A free evening.

Departure from calgary to the East. Excursion to the world’s largest paleontological Museum, skeletons and artifacts more than a thousand dinosaurs. Other local attractions – the valley of the mushroom rocks, tour old mine, road with bridges 11…

Dinner in the saloon “Last chance” – the flavor of the North American heartland, in an old cowboy style.

I must say that this Last chance – the place is not touristic, it’s actually such a rural restaurant where local people gather, rest… the place is absolutely politically incorrect, beer in one-litre jars provide the raw steaks for you and light a barbecue shelter that each had grilled the way he likes. Customers under such an atmosphere and surroundings ALWAYS drink, and in the group between themselves and with the guide installed the correct relationship to the remainder of the trip, and often after it. Continue reading

The Island of Luzon and Manila, Philippines


Luzon ( Luzon ) — the largest (area 104688 km 2 ) island of the Philippine archipelago and the 15th largest island in the world. It is located in the Northern part of the Philippine Islands. With adjacent Islands forms the same island group ( Luzon ), one of the three parts, along with the Visayas Islands and Mindanao . which are Felinine . In addition to the Luzon island group Luzon includes the Islands of Mindoro . Palawan (Luzon classification is not unambiguous, sometimes referred to the Visayas ), Busuanga . Crowns . Sibuyan . the archipelago Babuyan, etc.

From the West to the Strait bordering the South China . and the East — the Philippine sea .

Features of the island of Luzon

Relief strove Luzon complex, with a combination of mountains, intermontane and coastal plains. It is the largest mountain range of the Philippines — Cordillera . The highest point of the island (the second highest in the country) — mountain Pulog ( Pulag ), 2922 m On Luzon there are active volcanoes, including the famous volcanoes Mayon and Taal . The largest lake of the Philippines — Laguna de Bai ( Laguna de Bay ) is also located on Luzon . Continue reading

What to see in Shatsk, Shatsk lakes


On pages of our portal You will easily be able to know what to look for in the Shack, where to go in the Shack. Learn where to Shatsk you can relax. Learn about interesting places and sights of the Shack.

To Shatsk best to get through Kovel. In Kovel bus station, located next to the railway station. From Kovel and Vladimir Volynsky to Shatsk there are regular taxis, buses and private transport. Also to get on the Shuttle bus can be of Lutsk. The distance from Kovel to the Shack is about 80 km.

In the North-West of Ukraine, in Polissya mysterious shack located – a regional centre, famous all over Ukraine for its natural Park “Shatsk lakes” with its unique ecosystem. The natural Park was created in 1983 to protect the biocomplex of all natural resources within its system. Shatsk is located in the Volyn region . on the border with Poland.

The distance to Lutsk is 156 kilometers. The first written mention of the city dates back to 1410, when the Polish king Jagiello sent hunters in Shatsk forests for harvesting meat for the requirements of the army. In 1595 Shatsk was mentioned as a small town. Also mentioned in the historical Chronicles of the nearby village Svityaz, Pulmo, Food and Ostrava.

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