The biggest lake in the world
  Not every person can name correctly the largest lake in the world. And here is not there is negligence on geography lessons. Because the largest reservoir of the planet…

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Lake Titicaca
  Lake Titicaca General information: Area: 8300 km, of which about 5,000 km ² relates to the territorial waters of Peru. Length: 180 km. Width: from 50 to 60 km.…

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Caves of DRAC and hams (drach, hams) – “dark side” of Mallorca


Sea erosion in combination with soil rich in lime, has created favorable conditions for the emergence of the caves on Mallorca, which number over four thousand.

These amazing underground landscapes of the island are amazingly beauty and diversity. At different times the caves of Majorca was used for housing, warehouses, served as hideouts for smugglers… eventually made these nooks the basis for the emergence of hundreds of different legends and “horror stories”.

For hundreds of years the inhabitants of Mallorca were hiding in the underground labyrinths from the raids of the pirate fleets, by the way, a regular attack of pirates is one of the reasons why the oldest city of Mallorca don’t stand at the sea shore, and “hiding” in the depths of the island.

Today visit the world of underground lakes and caves easier, enough to buy a ticket, costing from 4 to 10 euros. There, under the ground, you will be amazed by the size and colors of stalactites and stalagmites, you’ll see how over thousands of years by drops of water has created a bizarre, and sometimes just incredible shape.

Drach caves (Las Cuevas del Drach)

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East Lake Park, Wuhan attractions China


Park East Lake is located in the Eastern suburb of Wuchang (Wuchang) Hubei province (Hubei) at the foot of mount Luzza (Lujia Mount). The Park area is 87 square kilometers, of which 33 square kilometers is the lake. Around the lake are built over 70 different buildings, including pavilions, terraces and towers and planted more than two million different trees.

The mild climate and large number of Sunny days per year has created favorable conditions for the local flora: more than three million plants of 372 different species grow in the Park. Spring blooming orchids graceful, delicate Lotus blossoms in summer, autumn sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant, and in winter the trees are a riot of flowers plum. The Park is home to 80 species of birds, and the lake is full of fish; Wuchang fish is the rarest and the most famous in China.

Limitless water of East lake, surrounded by the peaks of the mountains, creating a landscape of extraordinary beauty. Small and big lakes come together and form a “99 turbulence” (they call this area the locals). The Park is divided into different thematic areas, each of which is distinguished by its architecture, vegetation and landmarks. Six of them – “Tinto”, Continue reading

Borovoye. Korgalzhyn reserve

Beautiful, rich Akmola land. The ancient land of ancient people. Fabulous eagle is widely spread its wings for flight, it stretches. Fertile soil, many rivers and lakes, vast pastures, rich metal deposits, generous gifts of the forest, the abundance of game animals and fish has long attracted people. Amazing originality give the edge of lakes, rivers and streams. Borovoye, Shchuchye, Big and Small chebache, Zerenda and hundreds of other lakes, like large pearls in the necklace are soldered edges. Good otdyhayushie generous summer. But a quiet sad fall no less generous and beautiful piercing. Gold birch coppices, red flashes aspens thin needles are shaded dark evergreen pine woods and spruce groves. The scent of senescent grass mixes with mushroom spice. In the hog there are about hundreds of varieties of edible mushrooms. Mushrooming is very exciting and useful for good mood. There is some mysterious, attracting power in granite sculptures created by mother Nature. If you move slightly to the side, and a little strain of the imagination as the stone comes to life. In Borovoye has no material culture monuments. But the very nature of the combination of magnificent mountains, blue lakes, pine woods and larch forests created unique beautiful landscapes. A long time ago on the site of this mountain –forest oasis splashed a vast ancient sea. At the end of the ice age as a result of mining educational Continue reading