Travel and vacation in Russia
  Fabulous beauty of our Motherland Many people prefer to spend holidays abroad. But no less exciting to travel independently in Russia. After all, our country has a huge number…

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Top ten places in America
It is very difficult and even to some extent it is unfair to choose the most beautiful States in America. because each of them has its own unique feature. The…

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Kamchatka: acid lake Trinity

Dangerous the lake is at the top of the volcano Small Semyachik. Namely, in the crater of the name of the Trinity. It attracts tourists with its amazing color — with height of bird’s flight in Sunny weather, overlooking the bright turquoise lake surrounded by black earth. This color give the lake the smallest particles of sulfur that are released into the water from the volcano. If you look at the lake from the surface of the earth, it is impossible to believe that it looks turquoise on top. From some angles the pond seems to be just muddy. The diameter of the lake is small — only 500-600 meters.

The Semyachik volcano is considered to be valid, some scientists believe that this lake was formed as a result of one of the eruptions. The water temperature here is around 30-40 degrees, but the lake gradually cools down. In some winters the surface is fully covered with ice and snow.

In the crater of the Trinity on the shore there is a small black beach, but swimming there is deadly: dissolved in water acid eat through even metal. Prolonged exposure near a lake without a mask can also harm the health. However, tourists are regularly organized not only helicopter tours over the volcano, but Hiking tours on the lake — and even with the descent into the crater to the shore.

Kamchatka: Valley Of Death

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Unique lake on the planet


Earth is the third planet from the Sun in the Solar system, the largest on diameter, weight and density among planets of terrestrial group. Yes, all this we know from textbooks of natural history. And do we know how unique our planet! The earth is a miracle! How many beautiful and unique places to eat. And all this beauty surrounds us. Just look what are the unique lake unique on the planet.

Lake Titicaca — the largest Alpine lake in the world (3810 m above sea level). Located on the border of Peru and Bolivia,in South America.

The lake is beautiful and unique, it has a rich flora and fauna. As in lake Baikal, it flows into many rivers, and flows only one. The rest of the water just evaporates.

Its dimensions are as follows:an area of 8.300 sq. km, length – 194 km, width – 65,with an average depth of 150 m, the maximum is 304 m. the water Temperature is only 6 – 12 degrees.

Lake Titicaca is fresh, has more than 30 natural Islands, and about 40 artificial,floating, made of reeds by the local tribes.

When the Indians fled from the colonialists on the lake, places are not enough, so began to appear in sight of the island.

Weaving technology has not been forgotten in our time. Some natural Islands, there is tourist infrastructure.

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