The Most dangerous lake Lake Nyos in Cameroon is the most deadly lake in the world.
Lake Nyos in Cameroon is the most deadly lake in the world. No, it is not the large number of drowned people, it does not overflow the banks, and in…

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Unique lake will protect public inspectors
  In the village of Navoloki Kupinsky district trained and awarded certificates of public inspectors for nature protection five local residents. According to the head of the Department of natural…

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Mirages over lake Baikal – the most mysterious lake


The Mirage has long been perceived as a normal, natural, real. Any physicist, even not most skilled, can explain the nature of this phenomenon is literally “on fingers”. The mystery of mirages is that they arise unpredictable and also display anything.

One of the places on the planet where you can see various mirages, is a well-known lake Baikal, is surrounded by mysteries and riddles. Despite the paranormality of lake Baikal, mirages on site wonder only the tourists, but the locals have long been taking them for granted. It is not strange, because the Mirage near lake Baikal appears quite often. For example, the inhabitants of coastal settlements see mirages from 2 to 16 times a year. Often they display the opposite shore, rocks, trees. The most extensive and strange mirages on Baikal are those where you can see outlying villages, their homes, and even people. Mirages above the lake observed in 1957, scientist V. Lamakin, who for long time was engaged in the study of lake Baikal. He saw in the sky above the lake by a passing passenger train TRANS-Siberian railway.

In extremely rare cases, the lake is even more striking. Sometimes, in the worlds above it can be seen areas located thousands of kilometers away from lake Baikal.

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Big lake (lake Kobrinskoe group)


LARGE (Kubenskoe), lake KOBRINSKOE lake groups in the Sergiyev-Posad district, 5 km North-East from Dmitry Sretenka. The area 0,15 sq. km, depth about 4 m. Is almost rectangular in shape, elongated from southwest to northeast for 0.5 km and a width of about 300 m. is Located in the bottom of a wetland coniferous forest, 500 m South of the lake are bordered by extensive marsh array called Batkovskij swamp. From the lake flows R. Shust, tributary to the Mechka (left-hand tributary of Kubr). As located 1.5 km North of the lake is a Small, hardly visited by tourists because of its remoteness and inaccessibility, although the beauty and richness of the fish fauna (large perch, pike and carp) is not inferior to the most popular Meshchera and reservoirs of the upper Volga lowland.

How to get there: from the town of Sergiev Posad by bus to S. Verigina, beyond which the road forks. On the right road leading to the North-East, here on a rare ride or walking need to get through the village Merkuryeva and Slatinka to the bridge over the Crossbar, which is located immediately after the recreation center, built on the left of the road (12 km) and then along the river to pass (or rather, run) through dense impassable forest 2.5 km on South Continue reading