Exogenous processes
  The processes of weathering Rocks on the surface exposed to the damaging effects of water, gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide), organisms and their metabolic products, temperature fluctuations. The set…

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Rest at Buhtarma
  Bukhtarma — a river in Kazakhstan where the rest is, according to some estimates even more than in Turkey. I wonder why it is so? This is due primarily,…

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The Lake Chokrak-healing power


I want to congratulate with the upcoming big Orthodox holiday baptism of the Lord. Actually after Christmas all these days are considered Holy, that is, full of fertile energy. Once this holiday is the Nativity and the Baptism were celebrated together, and then the priests were divided into two holidays, and now we celebrate Christmas separately, and separately the Baptism. The main symbol of this holiday is Holy water, which is in all sources on the land is this day Holy, so people are trying to this day to dive into any source of healing, for the sake of purification.

Most of the territory of Russia, water sources, rivers, lakes covered with ice, so the hole cut through for those wishing to take a dip. Despite the cold wanting quite a lot. In the Crimea, fell to the Christmas snow has melted, and the sea and rivers, and lakes do not freeze, as if the winter is approaching, two or three days. Everyone satisfied with a swim in the sea (see here ) and dive into the many healing sources are perceived as such to this day. Before the swim sea water, usually Evesham father. The great swims Continue reading

Trip to Terek on the minibus. Museums. Umba, Varzuga, Amethysts


Transport UAZ “Farmer” to 5 seats,

Overnight in tents, sleeping bags (may be provided by the organizer)

Power supply: – with the fire (campfire equipment provided)

Children up to 11 years 20% discount up to 2 children per group

The cost for a group of 5 people – 3300 rubles per person.

This excursion to the South coast of the Kola Peninsula differs from the standard bus tours, and it not only gives the opportunity in a concentrated form to see the nature of the White sea, the Kola coast-dwellers ‘ life, the monuments of ancient architecture, but also visit remote for simple machines.

Part of the route passes bypass dust of the roadside and pavement – old Pomeranian the road running along the edge of the sea, surrounded by beautiful seascapes.

In two days You will see beautiful lakes, rivers with brown water, powerful waterfalls, sea tides, purple amethyst, white sea flyer, ancient village. But at the same time relax from the city bustle, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see sea lions, elk facing the road and other representatives of the rich fauna of the Tersky Coast.

1 day

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What to see in Shatsk, Shatsk lakes


On pages of our portal You will easily be able to know what to look for in the Shack, where to go in the Shack. Learn where to Shatsk you can relax. Learn about interesting places and sights of the Shack.

To Shatsk best to get through Kovel. In Kovel bus station, located next to the railway station. From Kovel and Vladimir Volynsky to Shatsk there are regular taxis, buses and private transport. Also to get on the Shuttle bus can be of Lutsk. The distance from Kovel to the Shack is about 80 km.

In the North-West of Ukraine, in Polissya mysterious shack located – a regional centre, famous all over Ukraine for its natural Park “Shatsk lakes” with its unique ecosystem. The natural Park was created in 1983 to protect the biocomplex of all natural resources within its system. Shatsk is located in the Volyn region . on the border with Poland.

The distance to Lutsk is 156 kilometers. The first written mention of the city dates back to 1410, when the Polish king Jagiello sent hunters in Shatsk forests for harvesting meat for the requirements of the army. In 1595 Shatsk was mentioned as a small town. Also mentioned in the historical Chronicles of the nearby village Svityaz, Pulmo, Food and Ostrava.

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