Noble Lake
  Cottage settlement "noble Lake" is located near Moscow, convenient transport access – 17 km from MKAD on the Yaroslavl highway and 24 km from Moscow on Schelkovskoe. And almost…

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Unique tri-colored crater lake of Kelimutu volcano
Kelimutu volcano is located on lost in the ocean island of Flores, which belongs to the Small Eastern Indonesian Sunda Islands. Since the island is far removed from the mainland,…

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Caves of DRAC and hams (drach, hams) – “dark side” of Mallorca


Sea erosion in combination with soil rich in lime, has created favorable conditions for the emergence of the caves on Mallorca, which number over four thousand.

These amazing underground landscapes of the island are amazingly beauty and diversity. At different times the caves of Majorca was used for housing, warehouses, served as hideouts for smugglers… eventually made these nooks the basis for the emergence of hundreds of different legends and “horror stories”.

For hundreds of years the inhabitants of Mallorca were hiding in the underground labyrinths from the raids of the pirate fleets, by the way, a regular attack of pirates is one of the reasons why the oldest city of Mallorca don’t stand at the sea shore, and “hiding” in the depths of the island.

Today visit the world of underground lakes and caves easier, enough to buy a ticket, costing from 4 to 10 euros. There, under the ground, you will be amazed by the size and colors of stalactites and stalagmites, you’ll see how over thousands of years by drops of water has created a bizarre, and sometimes just incredible shape.

Drach caves (Las Cuevas del Drach)

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Borovoye. Korgalzhyn reserve

Beautiful, rich Akmola land. The ancient land of ancient people. Fabulous eagle is widely spread its wings for flight, it stretches. Fertile soil, many rivers and lakes, vast pastures, rich metal deposits, generous gifts of the forest, the abundance of game animals and fish has long attracted people. Amazing originality give the edge of lakes, rivers and streams. Borovoye, Shchuchye, Big and Small chebache, Zerenda and hundreds of other lakes, like large pearls in the necklace are soldered edges. Good otdyhayushie generous summer. But a quiet sad fall no less generous and beautiful piercing. Gold birch coppices, red flashes aspens thin needles are shaded dark evergreen pine woods and spruce groves. The scent of senescent grass mixes with mushroom spice. In the hog there are about hundreds of varieties of edible mushrooms. Mushrooming is very exciting and useful for good mood. There is some mysterious, attracting power in granite sculptures created by mother Nature. If you move slightly to the side, and a little strain of the imagination as the stone comes to life. In Borovoye has no material culture monuments. But the very nature of the combination of magnificent mountains, blue lakes, pine woods and larch forests created unique beautiful landscapes. A long time ago on the site of this mountain –forest oasis splashed a vast ancient sea. At the end of the ice age as a result of mining educational Continue reading

Waterfalls Yang Bay


The waterfall Yangbay is considered to be the jewel of the local nature. Located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level in a very picturesque place, in the bosom of wild nature: rainforest, mountain peaks, adjacent to them rice fields of the tribes of regli (which name in transfer sounds as “forest people”) live as they lived hundreds of years ago. The dimensions of the falls are impressive even in the dry season. This place will remain in your memory for years to come!

First stop — crocodile farm. Here You will be able, using a special fishing rod with a fishing line, feed the crocodile meat, but also to make interesting photos with crocodiles.

After that You go to a beautiful lake with lotuses, awash with fish, which feed You can also. In addition, You will enjoy the tree under the name of “God”, similar to the baobab. It is very high and thick, and the tribes are praying here about the happiness of their family.

Next, we change to electric cars and drive to cascade falls. Taking pictures with him, swimming in the river, which is formed at the bottom of these waterfalls. In the river scurrying little fish that make you incomparable massage.

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