The biggest lake in the world
  Not every person can name correctly the largest lake in the world. And here is not there is negligence on geography lessons. Because the largest reservoir of the planet…

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Borovoye. Korgalzhyn reserve
Beautiful, rich Akmola land. The ancient land of ancient people. Fabulous eagle is widely spread its wings for flight, it stretches. Fertile soil, many rivers and lakes, vast pastures, rich…

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Lake Titicaca


Lake Titicaca General information:

Area: 8300 km, of which about 5,000 km ² relates to the territorial waters of Peru.

Length: 180 km.

Width: from 50 to 60 km.

Depth: average is 140-180 m maximum -304 M.

The population density on the coast: 100 persons per km ².

Average water temperature: +0 S. 11

The lake is located at an altitude of 3812 m.

It is 50 km from La Paz.

Titicaca — the largest mountain lake in freshwater, the second surface area of the lake of South America (after lake Maracaibo). The highest navigable lake on earth. Located in the Andes. The name consists of the words of the Quechua Indian language: titi – Puma and Kaka – rock.

The sea in the Andes

The size of lake Titicaca is comparable to a real sea.

It is the largest Alpine lake in the world.

The largest lake in South America located at an altitude of 3812 m above sea level and divided between two countries — Peru and Bolivia. After the defeat in the war with Chile in 1883, Bolivia lost its access to the Pacific, so rich in fish, lake Titicaca is of special importance. Between Peru and Bolivia there are regular ships, but more often on the water of the lake to meet the boats of the Indians, made of the coastal cane. The people Continue reading

Montenegro. Attractions Of Montenegro. Skadar lake


Skadar lake is not only the largest lake in the Balkans, but also one of the few remaining wetlands with fresh water, the natural habitat of pelicans and the largest nesting birds in Europe. Numerous monasteries, churches and FORTS built on the Islands and shores of the lake, stand the monuments to those who lived and rules here centuries ago – as if time has stopped here. Nature and history complement each other.


Public transport in the area of Skadar lake goes selectively, not all coastal towns and villages, and only in Virpazar (Virpazar). In this port city on Skadar lake you can come not only by bus from the Montenegrin towns (for example, from Budva and Podgorica), but also by train. Moreover, the railway line direction on the Bar (Bar), passing through Podgorica (Podgorica) and Virpazar, begins in Serbian Belgrade. The road from there will take 9-10 hours and will cost the traveler in 24-35 euros depending on car class. But from Podgorica to Virpazar to go fast and cheap, only 50 minutes and 1.5-3 euros you get to the station. And from there begins an acquaintance with the national Park, at the entrance to the territory which will have to pay another 4 euros.

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Top ten places in America

It is very difficult and even to some extent it is unfair to choose the most beautiful States in America. because each of them has its own unique feature. The beauty of nature and the amazing things created by man – all this forms the individuality of each place.

We selected for you the ten very different and a must visit for any traveler States.

Known as “the sunshine state”, Florida is the southernmost point of the USA and consists of a trendy mix of beaches, big cities and hot weather. No wonder about this state say that there will be anything, even for the most sophisticated gourmet travel.

Full of vivid contrasts, cultural sites and landscapes that can compete with himself “Lord of the rings”, the state of Oregon is deservedly considered one of the most spectacular States. The many wonderful parks and mountain roads beckon us to return again and again to this amazing natural reserve.

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