Trip to lake Issyk-Kul is becoming for Kazakhstan in the real test
  The trip to Kyrgyzstan, lake Issyk-Kul, and even with children, it is a real challenge. People for hours to pass the border. The children sleep on the bags, while…

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The Most dangerous lake Lake Nyos in Cameroon is the most deadly lake in the world.
Lake Nyos in Cameroon is the most deadly lake in the world. No, it is not the large number of drowned people, it does not overflow the banks, and in…

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The Island of Luzon and Manila, Philippines


Luzon ( Luzon ) — the largest (area 104688 km 2 ) island of the Philippine archipelago and the 15th largest island in the world. It is located in the Northern part of the Philippine Islands. With adjacent Islands forms the same island group ( Luzon ), one of the three parts, along with the Visayas Islands and Mindanao . which are Felinine . In addition to the Luzon island group Luzon includes the Islands of Mindoro . Palawan (Luzon classification is not unambiguous, sometimes referred to the Visayas ), Busuanga . Crowns . Sibuyan . the archipelago Babuyan, etc.

From the West to the Strait bordering the South China . and the East — the Philippine sea .

Features of the island of Luzon

Relief strove Luzon complex, with a combination of mountains, intermontane and coastal plains. It is the largest mountain range of the Philippines — Cordillera . The highest point of the island (the second highest in the country) — mountain Pulog ( Pulag ), 2922 m On Luzon there are active volcanoes, including the famous volcanoes Mayon and Taal . The largest lake of the Philippines — Laguna de Bai ( Laguna de Bay ) is also located on Luzon . Continue reading

Travel and vacation in Russia


Fabulous beauty of our Motherland

Many people prefer to spend holidays abroad. But no less exciting to travel independently in Russia. After all, our country has a huge number of places, from the kind of breathtaking. Nowhere in the world so closely intertwined beautiful nature, historical monuments and modernity. In addition, our homeland has United many peoples and nationalities, gave us their traditions.

Everyone can choose rest in Russia for the soul on throughout the year. Only in our country you can admire the beauty of the deepest lake in the world — lake Baikal, to explore the Golden Ring cities, which are the pride of the whole country, and enjoy the summer sun on the beach in the Crimea. And all this at affordable prices and without overcoming the language barrier. In addition, the time to travel to Russia is always right.

The greatest monument of primeval nature

We all know that the deepest lake is the Baikal. and it is located in our country. If we travel around the country, you must visit this amazing place. Baikal impresses with its grandeur and pristine beauty. Vacation on its shores you can compare with pastime in Egypt. Impressions remain, no less.

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