Hovd. Kobdo. A city in Western Mongolia
  The city of Kobdo (Dund-Us; Mong. Hovd) is the oldest in Mongolia. It is the administrative, economic and cultural center Kriskova (Hovd) aimag. Located at a height of m,…

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Beautiful lake Baskunchak is very much appreciated in Russia, because it's really the source of salt
  Unique lake Baskunchak for five centuries, is in Russia, the main source of salt. It is located in the Astrakhan region and it is worth noting that approximately 80%…

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Kamchatka: acid lake Trinity

Dangerous the lake is at the top of the volcano Small Semyachik. Namely, in the crater of the name of the Trinity. It attracts tourists with its amazing color — with height of bird’s flight in Sunny weather, overlooking the bright turquoise lake surrounded by black earth. This color give the lake the smallest particles of sulfur that are released into the water from the volcano. If you look at the lake from the surface of the earth, it is impossible to believe that it looks turquoise on top. From some angles the pond seems to be just muddy. The diameter of the lake is small — only 500-600 meters.

The Semyachik volcano is considered to be valid, some scientists believe that this lake was formed as a result of one of the eruptions. The water temperature here is around 30-40 degrees, but the lake gradually cools down. In some winters the surface is fully covered with ice and snow.

In the crater of the Trinity on the shore there is a small black beach, but swimming there is deadly: dissolved in water acid eat through even metal. Prolonged exposure near a lake without a mask can also harm the health. However, tourists are regularly organized not only helicopter tours over the volcano, but Hiking tours on the lake — and even with the descent into the crater to the shore.

Kamchatka: Valley Of Death

Amazing in the Kronotsky nature reserve in addition to numerous lakes, volcanoes and the famous Valley of geysers there is a very dangerous place that poisons all life. The slope of the volcano kikhpinych in the upper reaches of the river hot Spring hot spring is cut, they release a poisonous gas. This area, with a length of about two kilometers, width — 500 meters, was nicknamed the Valley of Death. Animals that wanders here in search of food, are dying in huge numbers — here found and small rodents, hares, birds, and large predators — lynxes, bears. Scientists who worked in the valley without masks, too, was in mortal danger. Despite all this, the abnormal area is incredibly popular among tourists visiting the Kronotsky reserve.

Sverdlovsk region: the Mountain of the dead

Mount Otorten, also known as the Mountain of the dead or the Dyatlov pass, shrouded in mystical stories about the tragedies. At different times here under mysterious circumstances crashed aircraft and found his death a group of tourists. One of the most famous stories — the death of the expedition of 9 people in February 1959, which was led by Igor Dyatlov. Rescuers, who were found abandoned tents, barefoot footprints in the snow, frozen body. Thus, evidence of a struggle or the presence of other people at the scene was not. However, this place is popular with many tourists. For example, not so long ago we talked about winter tours on snowmobiles .

Komi: unconquered mountain Manaraga

Scenic mountain Manaraga (translated as “bear’s paw”), located in the national Park Yugyd-VA, stands just 1663 meters above sea level. However, to climb to the top is almost impossible. Around this mountain steeped in legend. Tell that in ancient times it was considered a sacred place, it was committed cruel sacrifices. From mouth to mouth pass story about what kind of supernatural power found in the way of anyone who tries to climb the mountain. Recovery prevents abruptly changing weather, which leads to the death of climbers. To this day Manaraga attracts many tourists and forcing back those who have already once tried to win her heart.

Chelyabinsk region: the city of environmental disaster Karabash

The small town of Karabash, with a population of only 11 900 people, according to UNESCO, is considered the dirtiest on the planet. In the early XX century here began to produce copper, with the result that the city became a zone of an emergency ecological situation. For 100 years, the plant converted the area into the surface of Mars: bald black mountains, orange river, deep cracks in the soil. Annually into the atmosphere over the city throw out more than 180 tons of gases that occur during the Karabash acid rain. Burn these sediments, vegetation, and dry soil carries with the wind. Intrepid tourists and creative people wish to come here for the amazing impressions, and the locals treat numerous diseases of the internal organs.

The Caucasus: “cemetery without crosses” Elbrus

The highest peak of Russia and Europe stands at 5642 meters above sea level. Every experienced mountaineer wants to conquer. According to experts, annually in attempts to climb the mountain of Elbrus, die from 15 to 30 travelers. At the height of +4,200 meters is a memorial rock the memory of the dead, high-storey house. Its perimeter is studded with the names. But there is another danger: the Elbrus is not just a mountain but an extinct volcano. Some scholars believe that he is able to Wake up in this century because of global warming.