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Trip to lake Issyk-Kul is becoming for Kazakhstan in the real test


The trip to Kyrgyzstan, lake Issyk-Kul, and even with children, it is a real challenge. People for hours to pass the border. The children sleep on the bags, while the parents stand in the queue to the window.

The trip to Kyrgyzstan, lake Issyk-Kul, and even with children, it is a real challenge. People for hours to pass the border. The children sleep on the bags, while the parents stand in the queue to the window border . the newspaper “Caravan”.

Then tourists with bags on foot to overcome the ill-fated 500 meters of neutral territory. And on the way back they are searched like criminals…

But it happens differently, a human being!

For several years now we go to Issyk-Kul, literally storming the border. And so accustomed to it, they think that the way it should be. Got used to the queues to the window, behind which sits Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-very slow the guard. Resigned to the fact that tourists are kicked out of the bus, despite the fact that it’s night outside and many children. Sleepy babies cry, moms on edge, trying to calm them down, frantically looking for papers… And still have bags from the Luggage pick up – inspection, you know… the bus get the Luggage, and the poor guy rest, like beasts of burden, forced to go on the border.

That represents this path? The broken road, piles of garbage everywhere, no basic amenities – no toilets, no benches to sit down. But the whole procedure can be delayed by one hour!

Why is this happening? The answers always sound convincing to say: tough measures needed to fight smuggling in order to not penetrated to our country of undesirable elements and dangerous goods. Because we have such a difficult situation!

The situation worsened when the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have become a common border of the Customs Union. Control has become more thorough. This may be good, but that a regular tourist has become even more difficult. To somehow alleviate the situation, our customs officers promised to open “green corridor” for the smooth passage of tourists, but he has not earned, it began to lock up the tables, saying that a lot of hassle delivers.

But promised to build an additional customs post, in order to relieve acting on the Kordai. And yet… people stand by a wall at the border and wait. Some travel agencies working with the Issyk-Kul, this year abandoned bus tours, preferring to send tourists on a Charter plane. Flew this whole mess in the air – and no problems!

But to afford such a journey. Expensive. The majority of people would prefer still to get on the buses in advance to accept the fact that they have to endure. If you need to cross not the border of a friendly neighbouring state, and the front line!

But, it turns out there is different. And the border crossing can be fun, and not frustration and fatigue. I was lucky enough recently to cross the border of Belarus and Poland. By the way, this is also the external border of the Customs Union. And here, too, undergoes powerful retail corridor. From Poland carry clothing and shoes from Europe – cheap wine. But for some reason no one disembowels bags, not satisfied with total security.

The tourist bus is generally freely passes the border, all travelers sit in their seats. The border guard on the belt is a small device that allows you to scan passports and to enter data into the database. He just walks onto the bus, politely and scans the submitted documents. The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes.

Belarusian servicemen did not have such “clever little machines”. But again, and there nobody is forced to run to the border with documents. Passport collect, scan and return quickly to their owners. All polite and civilized. Without the hassle and wasted time.

Why this experience and not learn from us? Or the creation of extras in the form of tourists and shoppers that the crowds scurrying for the border, someone benefits?