Kamchatka: acid lake Trinity
Dangerous the lake is at the top of the volcano Small Semyachik. Namely, in the crater of the name of the Trinity. It attracts tourists with its amazing color —…

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Noble Lake
  Cottage settlement "noble Lake" is located near Moscow, convenient transport access – 17 km from MKAD on the Yaroslavl highway and 24 km from Moscow on Schelkovskoe. And almost…

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Unique tri-colored crater lake of Kelimutu volcano

Kelimutu volcano is located on lost in the ocean island of Flores, which belongs to the Small Eastern Indonesian Sunda Islands. Since the island is far removed from the mainland, tourists visit it not so often, Yes, and, frankly, there is almost no infrastructure. The last time the volcano erupted in the last century, in 1968, and doesn’t give any signs of activity. But in the last eruption in the magma formed coldera, which were a kind of cups, which collect water from precipitation.

Today flying over the island can be clearly seen from the aircraft with three bright turquoise spots – this is the famous lake Kelimutu. What are they famous for?

The fact that lake Kelimutu is constantly changing colour. Turquoise lake over the year could turn into turquoise, then after a certain time become red or green. Due to this, however, the presence in water of various minerals. It is the chemical relationship of these components and leads to a dynamic change of color of the water. Well, for example, green lake suggests that, in reaction into hydrochloric and sulphuric acids, the red tint of the water indicates the interaction of hydrogen sulphide with iron.

The local aboriginal people, who belong to the tribe of Leo, there is a legend about Kelimutu. They say that the lakes are inhabited by the souls of the dead. For example, in the red lake lie the souls of old men in green – the souls of the dead young, in white lake – the souls of children. In another embodiment, at red lake are sinners and murderers in a green – youth turquoise old men and the righteous. Europeans find it difficult to understand the philosophy of the tribe Leo.

Lake on the island are concentrated in the following order: to the West is the Resource-ATA-Bupu (lake of old people). This lake is situated at a considerable distance from the other two reservoirs: the Resource-LSA-Muri-Koog-tai (lake boys and girls) and the Resource-ATA Polo (enchanted lake just). Local residents believe that if the living will offend the souls of the dead, the lake begins to change its color. This is especially noticeable on the Lake of boys and girls. For 25 years it has changed its color 12 times already.

If you ever happen to be on the island of Flores, know that you can admire the lake Kelimutu is best from the top of the volcano – 1690 meters. Climb to the top for 2 hours, the way, say, is not very complicated. To reach the foot of the volcano, also on foot. Usually tourists are nominated from the village of Moni, they are located just a few kilometers from the volcano.