Recreation dawn lake Uvildy
  Multifunctional tourist complex on the lake Uvildy, which has all conditions for family rest. Among the bad environment and high pollution of big cities, the heart of man always…

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Unique lake in Kazan
What attracts tourists in old Russian cities? Of course, the most interesting is a rich history, an abundance of ancient temples, ancient FORTS and several other ancient and modern attractions.…

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The Crater Lake: the extraordinary beauty of the lake in the volcanic crater (USA)


Crater lake – one of the greatest creations of the sorceress nature. Most of them were formed millennia ago from rain and glacial water in natural reservoirs, formed due to volcanic eruptions. Landscape these ponds provide fantastic, therefore, it constantly attracts numerous tourists. One of such natural attractions of our planet is a beautiful crater Lake (The Crater Lake) – that is, literally, “Crater lake”, which is located in the U.S. state of Oregon.

This reservoir has an ancient history – he appeared more than 7700 years ago, after the last eruption of the mazama volcano (Mount Mazama). Over time, they formed on the site of the eruption, the Caldera is a huge depression with almost straight vertical walls and the bottom deep was filled with water and formed lake, leaving on the surface only a few small objects of volcanic origin. One – Hex island (Wizard Island), and today dominates the clear waters of the lake. All the beauty of natural attractions just a professional photographer .

Crater lake is located at an altitude of about 2400 m above sea level and has a fairly large dimensions: 8 by 9.6 km Maximum distance from the surface to the bottom of this reservoir reaches 594 m, making it the eighth place in depth world and second in North America.

Interestingly, the name of the lake changed several times: in 1853 it was known as “Deep blue lake” (Deep Blue), and a little later – as Blue lake (Blue Lake), so named because of the incredibly pure and beautiful shade of water. Later the pond became known as “the Majestic lake” (Lake Majesty), and, finally, in our time, it got the name connected to its origin – “Crater lake”.

This pond with an ancient history renowned for its incredible beauty – the lake looks amazing at any time of day and year. Particularly impressive is the view of the milky way shining over the water, the hour when the surrounding landscape is reminiscent of the picture from some sci-Fi movie. By the way, the extraordinary beauty of these places has already been immortalized in Hollywood movies, so crater Lake is firmly established in history.