Caves of DRAC and hams (drach, hams) - "dark side" of Mallorca
  Sea erosion in combination with soil rich in lime, has created favorable conditions for the emergence of the caves on Mallorca, which number over four thousand. These amazing underground…

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Recreation dawn lake Uvildy
  Multifunctional tourist complex on the lake Uvildy, which has all conditions for family rest. Among the bad environment and high pollution of big cities, the heart of man always…

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Amazing lake: ink, asphalt and milk


On our planet there are a lot of amazing things. Many miracles, which, of course, you can give a rational explanation. But does that mean they cease to impress us and to be, in fact, wonders? Take, for example, lakes. It would seem that may be stunning in the plot of water surrounded by land? And then it turns out that, in General, is astounding. And a lot! So, let’s start.

1. Ink lake located in Algiers, filled with poisonous ink and does not contain any life. The reason for this is the connection of water iron salts and organic substances.

2. Empty the lake, looks no different from the many similar lakes, not burdened by any species of flora and fauna. Most interesting is that scientists still can’t explain this oddity, all attempts of settlement failed miserably. Is an anomaly in Western Siberia on the territory of the Kuznetsk Alatau.

3. The asphalt lake. Just imagine the lake is. asphalt! The fact that it is located in the crater of a mud volcano on the island of Trinidad. There are also oil deposits that turn into asphalt by evaporation.

4. Many-storied lake. Its water consists of many layers: fresh, marine, brackish and saturated with hydrogen sulfide. Curiosity is located on the Kola Peninsula, the original name is the Burial of the lake.

5. Milk lake. Due to the presence in the composition of the water hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, the Hot lake on the island of Kunashir visually resembles milk. Is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful on the planet.

6. The Lake Is Eleven. Another interesting case, but in a different sense. It’s really the magic of numbers, because the length of the lake is eleven miles, it has eleven Islands, there are eleven species of fish and as many species of plants. Located in Scotland, the local residents was awe inspiring. What is it? Is it just coincidence? Or, maybe something more.

7. Lake Overton. The attraction, located in Norway, famous for its age-water consists of about ten thousand years. This water saw ice age. If she could talk, we would certainly have heard a lot of interesting.

Pictured is one of thousands of lakes of Karelia. In Karelian lakes no poison and asphalt, but they are no less amazing and beautiful!