Lake Titicaca
  Lake Titicaca General information: Area: 8300 km, of which about 5,000 km ² relates to the territorial waters of Peru. Length: 180 km. Width: from 50 to 60 km.…

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Top ten places in America
It is very difficult and even to some extent it is unfair to choose the most beautiful States in America. because each of them has its own unique feature. The…

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Caves of DRAC and hams (drach, hams) – “dark side” of Mallorca


Sea erosion in combination with soil rich in lime, has created favorable conditions for the emergence of the caves on Mallorca, which number over four thousand.

These amazing underground landscapes of the island are amazingly beauty and diversity. At different times the caves of Majorca was used for housing, warehouses, served as hideouts for smugglers… eventually made these nooks the basis for the emergence of hundreds of different legends and “horror stories”.

For hundreds of years the inhabitants of Mallorca were hiding in the underground labyrinths from the raids of the pirate fleets, by the way, a regular attack of pirates is one of the reasons why the oldest city of Mallorca don’t stand at the sea shore, and “hiding” in the depths of the island.

Today visit the world of underground lakes and caves easier, enough to buy a ticket, costing from 4 to 10 euros. There, under the ground, you will be amazed by the size and colors of stalactites and stalagmites, you’ll see how over thousands of years by drops of water has created a bizarre, and sometimes just incredible shape.

Drach caves (Las Cuevas del Drach)

The most famous caves in Mallorca caves of Drach situated in the East of the island, on the way to Manacor. Excursions in underground galleries there by experienced cavers, and the underground journey will take place under the muted music of Chopin, many of whose works was created in Mallorca.

Caves of DRAC are composed of 4 caves, connected by galleries. In the heart of underground labyrinths is one of the largest underground lakes on the planet — lake Martel, named in honor of the discoverer of this place, Eduardo Martel. This place is amazingly beautiful due to the bright lighting effects, thanks to which you will feel like in a fabulous dream.

Very picturesque, looks unique simulated sunrise on the lake, created by the architect Carlos Buigas, with many different lamps and lights. It is a sight you will not forget ever — gentle light, creeping through the underground hall, the boat gently moving through the underground lake… all this makes the caves of DRAC, one of the most striking sights of Majorca.