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Plitvice lakes


Hello dear readers! I invite you to the most famous and the most beautiful Park of Croatia, located in Lika region. Plitvice lakes we visited during the holidays on the Adriatic coast, within day trips. Numerous reviews and colorful photos of natural scenery could not go unnoticed. Beautiful corner of the country — the national Park Plitvice lakes, this is a fabulous and amazing place that you should see with your own eyes.

Dams, lakes, waterfalls, caves and unique forest — this is the main attraction of Croatia, included in the register of “World heritage” by UNESCO. Park Plitvice lakes is one of the hundred wonders of the world.

Offer to your attention a small review and photos of the Plitvice lakes and waterfalls. Every corner of this part of Croatia is unique and impresses with its pristine beauty! Walking among magnificent landscapes — a pleasure.

The territory of the National Park Plitvice lakes is 29482 hectares, includes 16 large and several smaller karst kaskaderskoy lakes,140 waterfalls, 20 caves and unique beech and pine forest, preserved from ancient times and having the ability to regenerate itself. In its territory inhabited by bears, wolves and many species of rare birds and other animals (Wikipedia).

The number of waterfalls no one even considered, because their number is constantly increasing. When formed this natural beauty, do not know still, experts disagree on this issue.

One version — the Plitvice lakes appeared in the post glacial period. A special role in their formation was played by mosses, whose evolution has led to the formation of stepped ponds.

National Park «Plitvice lakes» it is strictly forbidden to picnic, swim and fish. Therefore, admire the pristine beauty only during the tour.

Mirror-like lakes provides all the shades from green to blue. Photos of the natural beauty of the Plitvice waterfalls are very bright and saturated.

Walking along a wooden boardwalk and bridges of Plitvice lakes, the biggest temptation experienced fishing enthusiasts. The fish here is just crawling near the coast. For the convenience of tourists ply the ecological trains, ferries, boats.

All visitors are distributed among the groups and provide you with a guide. But then we asked a question «But why do we actually need?». The guides are trained there, and their main task — to conduct business, all the beauty around them for a long time already bored.

So, if you’re a fan «Nordic walking» leave cameras on the bus, you simply will not have time to take pictures.

But if you got this far, to enjoy all the splendor, try as it quietly behind from their group and stroll at your leisure, get lost you don’t, the main thing to remember route number.

If your plans include a trip to Croat ia. take the money for this exciting trip — the national Park Plitvice lakes, just don’t forget comfortable clothes and shoes.

Have a lot of walking, but physical loading you will get real fun! A trip to the most famous national Park is an unforgettable meeting with the beautiful! Excursion to national Park Plitvice lakes will give you a lot of vivid memories!

Another most memorable trip was flying over the Islands of Croatia .

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