Unique lake on the planet
  Earth is the third planet from the Sun in the Solar system, the largest on diameter, weight and density among planets of terrestrial group. Yes, all this we know…

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Kamchatka: acid lake Trinity
Dangerous the lake is at the top of the volcano Small Semyachik. Namely, in the crater of the name of the Trinity. It attracts tourists with its amazing color —…

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Mirages over lake Baikal – the most mysterious lake


The Mirage has long been perceived as a normal, natural, real. Any physicist, even not most skilled, can explain the nature of this phenomenon is literally “on fingers”. The mystery of mirages is that they arise unpredictable and also display anything.

One of the places on the planet where you can see various mirages, is a well-known lake Baikal, is surrounded by mysteries and riddles. Despite the paranormality of lake Baikal, mirages on site wonder only the tourists, but the locals have long been taking them for granted. It is not strange, because the Mirage near lake Baikal appears quite often. For example, the inhabitants of coastal settlements see mirages from 2 to 16 times a year. Often they display the opposite shore, rocks, trees. The most extensive and strange mirages on Baikal are those where you can see outlying villages, their homes, and even people. Mirages above the lake observed in 1957, scientist V. Lamakin, who for long time was engaged in the study of lake Baikal. He saw in the sky above the lake by a passing passenger train TRANS-Siberian railway.

In extremely rare cases, the lake is even more striking. Sometimes, in the worlds above it can be seen areas located thousands of kilometers away from lake Baikal.

For example, in 1905, local fishermen have been privileged to witness the battle between the cruiser “Varyag” and the squadron of Japan. What was striking is the lack of any sounds during battle. Over lake Baikal fishermen have seen die Patriotic sailors fighting for their country. In the early 2000s, there was another mysterious case: a tourist, who came to Baikal from England, could see above the water surface of his home village.

Lake Baikal impresses not only by illusions of real events. Sometimes it shows past, shocking the witnesses and scientists.

In the last few years over lake Baikal at regular intervals Mirage wonderful city, consisting of luxurious towers with carved patterns. Each year the picture is slightly different: the dome and the roofs of the houses are crumbling, the city is slowly dying. The last Mirage that shows the city has demonstrated its ruins.

Also often above the waters of lake Baikal you can see a Mirage floating barrels. It is known that in Ancient Russia in wooden barrels through the Baikal crossed escaped convict. Who managed to survive, he remained at large.

Many witnesses of the Baikal mirages argue that they reflect not only the past but also the future. Such conclusions were made to make the mirages, showing a strange aircraft over lake Baikal. Locals suggest that the aircraft of the future. Despite this, almost all of UFOlogy suggests that Baikal shows a UFO.