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Famous lake Issyk-Kul is drowning in waste and debris


“Panties, sometimes even false teeth”, the diver pulls out the rubbish from the date of Issyk-Kul.

And umbrellas and even a beach. From the bottom of Issyk-Kul lake every summer, pick up tons of garbage. Kyrgyz environmentalists are sounding the alarm: the plastic in the coastal zone feed zone destroys the local fauna. And the situation is worst in the so-called wild beaches. However the garbage around the lake – this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The degree of neglect of ecological problems of the lake says it all says the condition of the treatment plant sewage city of Cholpon-ATA. It is just five kilometers from the coastal area. And that’s the biggest headache of local authorities.

All sewage from the resort town of Cholpon-ATA need to be treated here. In fact, the system simply surpasses the contents from one compartment to another.

“According to the rules, after passing through three filters, with the help of aerobic bacteria, the liquid must undergo biological treatment. But this is not happening. That is, simply stated, primary treatment and all” – recognizes Marimbas Doolotbek, chief engineer of the enterprise “Gorvodokanal” Cholpon-ATA.

Waste water after this “clean” not even glorious and goes straight into local gardens. Funds for repairing the Sewerage system in the local budget not.

For installation of self-contained sewage treatment plant is the owner of the boarding house Akjoltoi Nasirdinov has spent 200 thousand dollars. That kind of money for the owners of most of the houses unaffordable.

“Businessmen are afraid not to repay the loan. Taxes, electricity costs a lot,” says Akjoltoi Nasirdinov. – “In some boarding houses treatment facilities. But they are old, Soviet, model KU-200. Their life has long expired”.

The problem of wastewater treatment facilities, the ecologists require to solve it as soon as possible: every year the number of hotels in Cholpon-ATA is growing. And now for 50 thousand people city sewer serves 10 times more people.

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