Trip to lake Issyk-Kul is becoming for Kazakhstan in the real test
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Lake Titicaca
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The Lake Chokrak-healing power


I want to congratulate with the upcoming big Orthodox holiday baptism of the Lord. Actually after Christmas all these days are considered Holy, that is, full of fertile energy. Once this holiday is the Nativity and the Baptism were celebrated together, and then the priests were divided into two holidays, and now we celebrate Christmas separately, and separately the Baptism. The main symbol of this holiday is Holy water, which is in all sources on the land is this day Holy, so people are trying to this day to dive into any source of healing, for the sake of purification.

Most of the territory of Russia, water sources, rivers, lakes covered with ice, so the hole cut through for those wishing to take a dip. Despite the cold wanting quite a lot. In the Crimea, fell to the Christmas snow has melted, and the sea and rivers, and lakes do not freeze, as if the winter is approaching, two or three days. Everyone satisfied with a swim in the sea (see here ) and dive into the many healing sources are perceived as such to this day. Before the swim sea water, usually Evesham father. The great swims are usually in Yalta, Evpatoria, Sevastopol. But in the Crimea there are places where tourists and local people come to bathe not only in Baptism, it’s healing springs and lakes. Here’s one such lake I want to tell more about this lake Chokrak. Of course, in the Baptism there will be a lot of people and the races will be.

The Chokrak lake is located in the Eastern part of Crimea, on the Kerch Peninsula, near the village Resort. The lake is salt, mud, with an area of 8.5 sq. m. It is not deep, the deepest point is 1.5 m. the lake is Supplied with underground sources of hydrogen sulfide, seawater and one small river, without a name. The process of formation of mud, the presence of mud volcanoes, located at the bottom of the lake and on its shores. The lake attracts a large number of people healing lye and mud. It is believed that the local mud and the brine helps to cure gynecological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, urological diseases, diseases of the nervous system and some other.

There is also a source of healing mineral water, which is considered to be useful. The lake is separated from the sea of Azov, a small sand spit, there are beautiful sandy beaches. This can be seen in the first photo.

The lake is known since ancient times, in tsarist Russia there was a decent mud baths, and after the revolution, salt was mined, and in the war in the lake the plane fell, downed by the Nazis. Local residents rescued the pilot and cured, and after the war he became an artist and is quite famous. His name was Joseph Beuys.

The lake is surrounded by sandy beaches that attract holidaymakers and those wishing to improve their health with the help of local healing mud. West lake Chokrak is Karalarskiy landscape Park, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature. The perimeter of the lake, there are small high-rise buildings up to 100 meters in height. Reserves of therapeutic mud are about tis.m.cube. Modern scientists exploring the composition of the lake have reported remarkable healing properties of mud, marked by its ecological purity. This is one of the prosperous and valuable sources of therapeutic mud in the world. Scientists have not completely identified all valuable components of the lake, but harmful substances in it. The composition of the lake consists of salt brine, sulfide silt mud, various microelements and organic substances. as well as the sludge contains silver.

Unique dirt

Well, while this unique source is free, it attracts summer vacationers, there is a tent city. But for a long time to lay in the dirt you can’t, no more than 15 minutes.In the district there are several healing springs, this land is rich with healing gifts, they just need to take. But unfortunately this unique lake dies, because of environmental issues is desalination. However, for many unique healing lakes died in the Crimea.

Currently, after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the government has decided to construct a canal on the lake Chokrak, in which in the lake to do sea water, unique to the lake to save, not let it dry. For this purpose from the budget allocated 1.5 million rubles. In addition a census will be undertaken of all the healing salt lakes on the Peninsula to save these unique gifts of nature.

Let’s hope that it will be possible to save this unique lake and my readers will be able to come to the Crimea for the recovery of his body.