Tours to Italy
  Today tours in Italy is very popular. As you know, Italy is the Apennine Peninsula, on the southern slopes of the Alps, the Islands of Sicily, Sardinia and other…

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Montenegro. Attractions Of Montenegro. Skadar lake
  Skadar lake is not only the largest lake in the Balkans, but also one of the few remaining wetlands with fresh water, the natural habitat of pelicans and the…

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Tour of Western Canad


Arrival in calgary – the center of economic growth in Canada, the most dynamic city in North America. A short tour on the way from the airport to the hotel. Check in to hotel. A free evening.

Departure from calgary to the East. Excursion to the world’s largest paleontological Museum, skeletons and artifacts more than a thousand dinosaurs. Other local attractions – the valley of the mushroom rocks, tour old mine, road with bridges 11…

Dinner in the saloon “Last chance” – the flavor of the North American heartland, in an old cowboy style.

I must say that this Last chance – the place is not touristic, it’s actually such a rural restaurant where local people gather, rest… the place is absolutely politically incorrect, beer in one-litre jars provide the raw steaks for you and light a barbecue shelter that each had grilled the way he likes. Customers under such an atmosphere and surroundings ALWAYS drink, and in the group between themselves and with the guide installed the correct relationship to the remainder of the trip, and often after it.

Tour – familiarity with the culture of Indians of Western North America. Natural landmarks Badlands. Transfer to Banff, the famous resort town in the canadian
Rocky mountains. Optional: you can visit the local hot springs, or head up the gondola to the summit of local mountains. Excellent opportunities for photography, and you can also dine in the restaurant at the top. Evening walk around the city, free time.

Trip to lake Louis, the jewel of the Rockies. Emerald lake framed by majestic mountains. Views-breathtaking!

It’s full of beasts. On the way out of the bus every time I see a deer, grizzly bears. Sometimes wolves.

We cross the Rocky mountains, Stop in the picturesque town of Cranbrook is the centre of tourism in the region.

Go from Cranbrook, heading West. Visit the best hot springs in North America – Ainsworth Hot Springs, located in the cave corridors in the hillside, overlooking the beautiful lake Koutny. Overnight in the town of Nelson is the favorite place of artists, sculptors, photographers and musicians – the center of informal culture and innovative creativity. Art shops and galleries, exotic restaurants. A free evening.

After Breakfast we continue our route, moving along the cascade of dams on the scenic river Koutny, stopping at some of them for inspection and photographing,

This tour – actually a gold mine for photographers, and for removing the soap dish in the album, and for serious fans, the selection and shooting conditions are incredible.

and arrive at the Castlegar – a city in which and around which more than 100 years home to a community of Dukhobors (Christians pacifista) – natives of Russia – preserving our language, faith, culture and crafts. Meeting with the Dukhobors, lunch in a traditional old Russian style.

Arrival for the night in picturesque Okanagan valley is the hottest place in Canada, the centre of wine production, fruit orchards, the place of growing the world’s best cherries. Overnight at the hotel on the shores of the warm lake.

Visits to local wineries, orchards and farms.

Departure to Victoria, capital of British Columbia located on Vancouver island. Ferry to Victoria, across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, past picturesque Islands. A visit to the famous Butchart gardens, Gardens. Tour of Victoria – “the most British city in North America”. Upon arrival at the centre of Victoria, walking tour, free time to visit museums, Parliament buildings, stroll along the promenade.

Cross Vancouver island, arrive in Tofino, a town on the Pacific (West) side of the island. Free time on the famous Long beach, a small tour of the unique ecosystem of the Northern Rainforest (Northern jungle). Attractions on the road – grove with the ancient giant trees of Cathedral Grove, and “goat market” Coombs.

There cannot be described otherwise than unrealistic fairytale: the world-famous ocean surf, fog, rocks in the ocean, in which are caves with hot springs is to go there only with water, on the boat. Kinds of remind… perhaps, the film “the Lord of the rings”.

Up early and on the ferry/bus to Whistler is the best ski resort in North America, the capital of winter Olympic games 2010. On the way stop at Shannon falls and Brandywine Falls.

As we found from practice, customers are not only profitable but also interesting to do the shopping not in expensive and fashionable shops tourist/business part of the city, and where middle-class families bought for myself: two times-three or four cheaper for good quality, but you get an idea about the real lives of ordinary, living the salary to the people here. It is interesting, start to the house to compare…