The Kuril Islands: the lost world of volcanoes and geysers
  Were You ever on the edge of the world? Stood on the edge of the crater of an active volcano? Did You ever bear? No? Then we invite You…

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Kamchatka: acid lake Trinity
Dangerous the lake is at the top of the volcano Small Semyachik. Namely, in the crater of the name of the Trinity. It attracts tourists with its amazing color —…

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The biggest lake in the world


Not every person can name correctly the largest lake in the world. And here is not there is negligence on geography lessons. Because the largest reservoir of the planet on the map referred to as the sea! The Caspian sea is a closed lake of enormous size, located on the border of Asia and Europe. In form it resembles the Latin letter S, with the area of 371 thousand square kilometers In salt water of the Caspian sea are several Islands, bays and cozy coves.

The coastline stretches over 6500 km, and if we take into account also the Islands, you will be released and 7000 km Coastal zone is low-lying and sleek, rugged rivers flowing into the lake, densely covered with thickets. The average depth of the Caspian sea is 208 meters and a maximum of 1025 meters To the lake have access States such as Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan.

Other giants

And who can compete with such water giant? Are there similar to the Caspian lake? On the planet there are the reservoirs, but from the champion they are far behind. Here are their names:

Lake superior, North America (82 414 sq km) Victoria, Africa (69 485 sq km) Huron, North America (59 600 sq km) Michigan, North America (58 000 sq km) Aral sea, Eurasia (on the verge of extinction).

The upper lake is the second in the list of the largest lakes in the world. It enters the group of the Great lakes and is the largest, deepest and coldest of them. Its shore is heavily indented cliffs which are located in different countries, USA and Canada. The water is fresh, because it has glacial origin.

In third place was fixed, the giant picturesque Victoria, located on the border of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. This freshwater lake, which in 1858 were discovered the British Explorer J. Speke. And he gave him the name in honor of his beloved Queen. The pond cuts the equator, is the source of the Kagera (Nile tributary), has on its surface a multitude of Islands. Depth (maximum) – 84 m.

Fourth and fifth place scientists give North American lakes Huron and Michigan, combining them into one system. This fresh water, navigable, with plenty of ports. The first is the largest island in fresh water – Manitoulin, the second has three small piece of land. Like lake superior, Huron and Michigan are at the border of Canada and the United States, and was formed as a result of a discharge of a glacier.

Sea Ghost

In the list of “The greatest lake in the world” is still among the Aral sea, but very soon it will leave him. Once the pond was ranked fourth, but intensive water abstraction from its tributaries (Amu and Syr Darya) has resulted in shallowing. In the fall the lake pesticide and pesticides, which together with salt hinder the development of vegetation. But also suffer both humans and animals. According to the forecasts of scientists, the former giant (68 thousand sq km) will disappear by 2020, because the area today is only 10%. But if you stop using water from the Aral sea and its tributaries, for two centuries the pond will be able to fully recover and the ecological disaster will not.