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Landmarks of Macedonia


Macedonia is a Paradise in the heart of the Balkans. Every year here on vacation, millions of tourists come from all over Europe! Them attracts a huge number of interesting attractions, picturesque valleys and crystal clear lakes.

The town of Ohrid is the center of the Balkans!

The highlight of any trip to Macedonia is to stay in the city of Ohrid. This is full of attractions the city possesses an indescribable beauty, and rich history and culture. The crystal clear waters of the nearby lake, made the city a real magnet for tourists and vacationers from all over Macedonia. Millennial picturesque churches, cathedrals and other ancient religious monuments make Ohrid the most important Orthodox centre of the Balkans and the spiritual heart of Macedonia. Near the town is another attraction, tourists gazaeta “Lake lovers”. The name of the lake has purchased due to its quiet and cozy location with wonderful views of the city. That’s why walking here and couples just wanting to relax from the daily bustle.

It is interesting to know that Ohrid is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is entirely included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

City Museum is a historical landmark of Macedonia

In the city of Skopje (capital of Macedonia) has many interesting historical places, but the Central attraction is the City Museum. First of all, he can boast a variety of unique artifacts and treasures of ancient times. Special attention should be paid to the main entrance to the Museum, or rather the watch that hang over the entrance: arrow always show 05:17 – the terrible earthquake of 1938. These clock hanging in the station, the site of which now stands the City Museum.

If You are interested in the history of Macedonia . the landmark City Museum is the best choice.

The old Bazaar is an integral landmark of Macedonia

It is known that the Old Bazaar is the most famous and popular tourist attraction in Macedonia. The old Bazaar full of different shops with an incredible abundance of goods, which attract tourists from all over the world! The Old Bazaar of Skopje You can communicate freely with the locals and even to bargain with them. Believe it or not, but here you can find everything from strong Turkish teas to beautiful sculptures of small forms of the tin (very popular in Macedonia ).

Trading is not the main occupation of the local people. In order to sell something, you need that “something” to have. So, most of the residents of this beautiful city is engaged in posevnoi shoes; bake various Goodies type of cakes, biscuits, cookies. Then their products or pass to the relevant stores yourself or sell the goods at the Old Bazaar in Macedonia . Old, narrow, cobbled streets, combined with the Ottoman architecture, are shopping more enjoyable, and time is running so quickly that You may not notice how fast the day went! The main reason for the popularity of the market is considered to be a convenient location at the crossroads of Eastern and Western culture and its centuries-old history sights of Macedonia underscores the importance of visiting the Old Bazaar.

Macedonia. Classic Amphitheater

The classic Amphitheatre is the oldest landmark of Macedonia, which was built in Ohrid for more than 2000 years ago! Initially there were performances, public performances and competitions on oratory. It is interesting to know that during the Roman era landmark began to be used as an arena for conducting bloody battles. And only a century later it was decided to return the attraction original purpose. Thus, Macedonia regained its ancient amphitheatre which is now used exclusively for performances at the summer festivals with performances and all the same competitions! Be sure to visit this beautiful landmark of Macedonia.

The Church of St Clement and Panteleimon. Macedonia

Without this attraction, it could not have Macedonia. Before the Church of St Clement and Panteleimon was a place where students of the spiritual University taught by Holy Scripture and for the first time in Macedonia translated the Bible into old Church Slavonic. Temple attendance is an integral part of the spiritual life of all believers of Macedonia. The attraction is very popular not only among believers and tourists, but also willing to look at the ancient mosaic of the temple. On one of these mosaics there is the swastika, or rather the old Indo-Aryan sun symbol, which the Nazis appropriated.

Many visiting this attraction of Macedonia . don’t find anything special about it, falsely claiming that it is a regular temple! But we know that for a better understanding of the significance and importance of ancient mosaics, artifacts and icons, it was necessary to use the services of a guide who would show and tell. So do not repeat the mistakes of others, take a guide, and You will be delighted with what they saw and learn about this cult the memo!

Lake Matka is a popular attraction of Macedonia