The Island of Luzon and Manila, Philippines
  Luzon ( Luzon ) — the largest (area 104688 km 2 ) island of the Philippine archipelago and the 15th largest island in the world. It is located in…

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Unique lake on the planet
  Earth is the third planet from the Sun in the Solar system, the largest on diameter, weight and density among planets of terrestrial group. Yes, all this we know…

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Big lake (lake Kobrinskoe group)


LARGE (Kubenskoe), lake KOBRINSKOE lake groups in the Sergiyev-Posad district, 5 km North-East from Dmitry Sretenka. The area 0,15 sq. km, depth about 4 m. Is almost rectangular in shape, elongated from southwest to northeast for 0.5 km and a width of about 300 m. is Located in the bottom of a wetland coniferous forest, 500 m South of the lake are bordered by extensive marsh array called Batkovskij swamp. From the lake flows R. Shust, tributary to the Mechka (left-hand tributary of Kubr). As located 1.5 km North of the lake is a Small, hardly visited by tourists because of its remoteness and inaccessibility, although the beauty and richness of the fish fauna (large perch, pike and carp) is not inferior to the most popular Meshchera and reservoirs of the upper Volga lowland.

How to get there: from the town of Sergiev Posad by bus to S. Verigina, beyond which the road forks. On the right road leading to the North-East, here on a rare ride or walking need to get through the village Merkuryeva and Slatinka to the bridge over the Crossbar, which is located immediately after the recreation center, built on the left of the road (12 km) and then along the river to pass (or rather, run) through dense impassable forest 2.5 km on South from the lake. Located to the North of the Small lake better accessible from the highway, as these two parts of the reservoir impassable swamp. The bridge leads to a Small inconspicuous trail (1 km), you can also come to him and in azimuth. If tourists have enough time, from a Small lake interesting to leave the scar, leaving to the East-North-East, on coast of the river Kubr, along which runs the highway (6 km). From here by bus is easy to get to Pereyaslavl-Zalessky. At deficiency time to Kobrinskoye highway can get from the bridge over the R. Shust on a ride or on foot (5 km). By the way, on this highway to D. Shereika displays and overgrown forest road running along the North shore of the Big lake, although walking along it, will have to thoroughly acquainted with the local swamps.