What to see in Shatsk, Shatsk lakes
  On pages of our portal You will easily be able to know what to look for in the Shack, where to go in the Shack. Learn where to Shatsk…

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Trip to lake Issyk-Kul is becoming for Kazakhstan in the real test
  The trip to Kyrgyzstan, lake Issyk-Kul, and even with children, it is a real challenge. People for hours to pass the border. The children sleep on the bags, while…

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Waterfalls Yang Bay


The waterfall Yangbay is considered to be the jewel of the local nature. Located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level in a very picturesque place, in the bosom of wild nature: rainforest, mountain peaks, adjacent to them rice fields of the tribes of regli (which name in transfer sounds as “forest people”) live as they lived hundreds of years ago. The dimensions of the falls are impressive even in the dry season. This place will remain in your memory for years to come!

First stop — crocodile farm. Here You will be able, using a special fishing rod with a fishing line, feed the crocodile meat, but also to make interesting photos with crocodiles.

After that You go to a beautiful lake with lotuses, awash with fish, which feed You can also. In addition, You will enjoy the tree under the name of “God”, similar to the baobab. It is very high and thick, and the tribes are praying here about the happiness of their family.

Next, we change to electric cars and drive to cascade falls. Taking pictures with him, swimming in the river, which is formed at the bottom of these waterfalls. In the river scurrying little fish that make you incomparable massage.

After the river, guests moved to the stage and admiring the “show” of the local tribes: this is national music with exotic musical instruments, a La the flintstones, copper pots, with bamboo and stones.

At the concert will be followed by a dinner of exotic meats (crocodile meat, ostrich, wild boar) and local alcoholic drinks.

After lunch, the program provides a journey through the Park, you can watch Himalayan bears, feed them pineapple. Guests are invited to make bets on pig racing and be spectators of cockfights. The programme also riding ostriches and exploring the inhabitants of the forests of Vietnam.

Then the hanging bridge over the river and the waterfall that leads through the jungle, we get to Radanovich hot springs, which are located directly in the rock. The temperature for all tastes: 37, 35 and 32 degrees. After the adoption radonovich baths You can plunge into the current near a mountain stream or go to the pool. We will be surrounded by the jungle, next to a beautiful waterfall noise. In the bar You can order drinks. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed! After completing the procedures we go back.