Noble Lake
  Cottage settlement "noble Lake" is located near Moscow, convenient transport access – 17 km from MKAD on the Yaroslavl highway and 24 km from Moscow on Schelkovskoe. And almost…

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Landmarks of Macedonia
  Macedonia is a Paradise in the heart of the Balkans. Every year here on vacation, millions of tourists come from all over Europe! Them attracts a huge number of…

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Tours to Italy


Today tours in Italy is very popular. As you know, Italy is the Apennine Peninsula, on the southern slopes of the Alps, the Islands of Sicily, Sardinia and other small Islands. In addition, within Italy, are a small state of the Vatican city and San Marino, who do not require a visa.

I must say that in Italy there are about 60% of all cultural property of Europe, almost every Italian city is a real Museum under the open sky. In addition to the numerous monuments of culture, the country has excellent natural conditions-snow-white slopes of the Alps, the unique beaches and amazing lakes of the North. Summer vacation in Italy, mainly in seaside resorts, lakes and hot springs. In winter — ski resorts.

In addition, at any time of the year tourists are offered various tours around the country. The main resorts of Italy are the Islands of Sicily, Elba, Sardinia, and the Tuscan and Adriatic coast of the country. I must say that Italy immediately washed five seas. To the West is the Ligurian and the Tyrrhenian sea, in the South — the Mediterranean and the Ionian to the East of the Adriatic. In addition, the country is bordered by Switzerland, France, Austria and Slovenia. The country is so unique that tours in Italy are almost all kinds of leisure: beach, skiing and sightseeing.

In the summer it is best to combine a holiday in Italy at one of the resorts with excursions around the country. The Adriatic coast in the Emilia-Romagna Adriatic Riviera is called, includes the whole complex of seaside resorts, Rimini is the most popular. The resort of Riccione is located just South of Rimini, one of the largest European water parks and Dolphinarium. These both resorts are interconnected transportation network.

Located North of Rimini Bellaria — quiet and cozy resort for families with children. It is very important that between the hotels and the beach there is no roadway that the Adriatic coast is a rarity. The resort of Milano Marittima, a little aristocratic, is 30 km North of Rimini. This town is literally surrounded by pine groves, it is very clean air, rich in iodine, located near the Park “akvabel” Italian Disneyland “Mirabilandia”.

The North of Emilia-Romagna is the Venetian Riviera, the famous resort of Lido di Jesolo. Here gently sloping shore, the sea warms up quite quickly, so the beach season lasts from may to October. The most attractive thing in Lido di Jesolo its location: from here you can easily reach Venice, Vicenza, Padua, Abano, Verona and Abano Terme, the best thermal resorts of Europe, as well as lake Garda, the Dolomites and to other cities in Italy.