The Lake Chokrak-healing power
  I want to congratulate with the upcoming big Orthodox holiday baptism of the Lord. Actually after Christmas all these days are considered Holy, that is, full of fertile energy.…

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Montenegro. Attractions Of Montenegro. Skadar lake
  Skadar lake is not only the largest lake in the Balkans, but also one of the few remaining wetlands with fresh water, the natural habitat of pelicans and the…

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Tours to China from Perm!


Book a tour to China from Perm You can with the help of our travel Agency “World Health”. Of course, You always have a choice whom to entrust the organization of the journey… But we are sure, our advantages, will dispel any of Your doubts.

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Tours to China from Perm – great deal!

China is not just a country – it’s just another world. Here contrasts in all and continually: burning all living things heat, the dense tropical forests of South China and of eternal cold and silence of glaciers on the ‘roof of the world’ – Tibet; luxurious quarters of Beijing with sparkling mirrored buildings of banks and huts of bamboo, thatched with palm leaves; respectable young employees of joint ventures and banks, fluent in English, and millions of peasants that can afford a hot meal only once a day, and meat on holidays; millennial culture, sophisticated philosophy and crowds of people on the streets, hard working elbows to get to the bus or in the subway car. Modern China is called the people’s Republic of China (PRC). The country occupies 1st place in population, which is 1, 3 billion people.

Time: China is in five time zones but the whole country has only one (Beijing) time zone time ahead of Moscow 5 hours in winter and 4 hours in the summer.

The capital, major cities: Beijing, major cities are Chongqing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Harbin, Tianjin, Sintszjan, Wuhan, Qingdao, Guangzhou. The main beach resorts of Hainan island, Dalian and Qingdao.

Visas: to travel you must apply for a visa.

Necessary documents for getting visa to China: passport, which expires no less than 6 months after intended return from the country. 1 form, 2 photo 3×4. A copy of the internal passport all pages. The original invitation (guest, business or tourist).

Excursions and sights of China

Natural attractions – Yunnan-Guijosa plateau with lots of mountain rivers, waterfalls and deep caves, unique Taihu lake and West lake, Huangshan mountains, giant waterfall, Huangoshu, caves and “stone forest”. In Harbin annual festivals of ice sculptures, you can go skiing and skating. Traveling the ancient silk road, you will visit Xinjiang, where there are three famous canyon San Xia on the Yangtze river, mount Emei and the state nature reserve of Jiuzhaigou. Unique picturesque region – Lijiang river in Guilin and five “sacred” mountains, full of beautiful places.

For tourists opened 99 cities of cultural-historic significance and 750 cultural monuments . under state protection and 119 landscape beds. Of these, 19 are listed in the Directory of world natural and cultural heritage of the United Nations. Beijing – the Forbidden city (the Palace complex with a Museum), the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing, the Imperial Beihai Park, the altar of heaven of Tian Tian(XV century), the temple of Tibetan Buddhism Lama temple, Confucius temple, the temple of the Taoists Baiyunguan, Imperial Park the summer Palace Beijing, the mausoleum of Mao TSE Tung, the Chinese revolution Museum, the national gallery, a large number of temples, Park Qiang-Tang tombs of 13 emperors of the Ming dynasty and the “alley of the animals”, to the Northwest of Beijing is a part of the great wall of China, in the ancient city of XI’an is the Museum of terracotta figures of warriors and horses from the tomb of the Emperor Consiguen. Guangzhou – the main zoo of the country, Guangzhou Museum, mausoleum of sun Yat Sen, the mosque Huaisheng, Zhenhai pagoda, temple of the Six of Fig. Hong Kong, the busiest deepwater port in the world – Victoria Park, Aberdeen and the floating restaurants, the temple of man Mo, Hong Kong is a “Paradise for sailors”, the most beautiful protected parks, the area of which is about 40% of the whole territory of Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical gardens. The Museum of Cosmonautics, Museum of History and the famous Peninsula hotel, Park “City, walled”, where you can see relics of the Qing dynasty, the Chinese giant chess boards, bird Garden, greenhouses, exhibition of bonsai and other ornaments of the landscape, in the style of the era.