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Multi-Colored lake

Lakes have extraordinary appeal. There are no storms and turbulent currents — here only alluring, glassy surface. Worldwide, there are a huge number of lakes.

Some are distinguished by their depth, some of the beauty of the surrounding landscape, one is surrounded by shores covered with strange vegetation, the shore other — freakish rocks. But among all types of lakes . there are those who are distinguished by specific colour of the water, looking at that, you think that they are specially someone tinted.

The color of the water in these lakes is far from familiar to us — though you find yourself in another dimension, with beautiful scenery of another planet. In this collection we will tell You about 10 most beautiful colored lakes in the world.

10. The Lake Laguna Verde

Laguna Verde — salt lake located in the southwest High plains of Bolivia. For those who know Spanish, the name of the lake already speaks for itself — in translation, the lake is called Green Lagoon. This name appeared not just so, water here is really green. The lake is located at the foot of the licancabur volcano and the beautiful green tint of the water caused by minerals and other substances, including copper.

This chain of 6 dark blue mountain lakes located high in the mountains of the Hindu Kush in Central Afghanistan. In 2008 they became the first National Park of Afghanistan. The lakes were formed by mineral-rich water that seeps through the cracks in the cliffs and rocks. The reason for this hue of water depends on the mineral-rich water.

The water of lake Pukaki can be described in a separate, own color, calling it ice-blue. Colorful the lake was formed by melting glaciers many years ago. The lake is replenished with melt water to this day. Well, the special color of the water is achieved by micro-particles contained in this water.

The lake Laguna Colorada is located in Bolivia near the border with Chile. The reddish hue of water depends on the minerals and algae, flowering at certain times of the year. This place is also a nesting place of many species of flamingos, including the rare.

Lake Kelimutu — some of the most beautiful colored lakes. Three lakes located in the crater of a volcano, and each of them has its own color. Source for unique color combinations lies in the earth’s crust and is known as fumaroles. Color lakes — one of the most popular sites on the island of Flores, attracting many tourists and researchers every year.

Havasu canyon — part of the Grand Canyon, there lives a tribe Havasupai. This is one of the most remote places in America, better to get here by helicopter or 13-mile equestrian route. The most amazing place Havasupai — the colorful waterfalls and pools. Such a diverse color of the water caused helpful.

Amazing moraine lake also formed by the melting of glaciers. It is located in Banff National Park, in the valley of the Ten Peaks. The color of the water here is also called special particles contained in the melt water of glaciers. Around the lake there are many Hiking routes and trails, the only danger can be the grizzly bears that occur here quite often.

Nakuru is one of the main attractions of Kenya, it is a very shallow lake in the East-African rift. The abundance of algae attracts the world’s largest population of flamingos, the number of individuals exceeds one million birds. Due to birds from afar the shores of the lake appear bright pink. Unfortunately, recent years the number of birds decreases due to environmental pollution, said Lifeglobe .

2. Lake Jiuzhaigou valley in China

Jiuzhaigou valley in China is rich in many beautiful multi-colored lakes. The locals call these lakes Haizi, which means “Son of the sea”. These lakes have a glacial origin, the water here is very clear and visitors can easily see the bottom of these lakes.

The Plitvice lakes are one of the most famous sights of Croatia. It’s 16 lakes located near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, they are known for their unique flowers. Each of the lakes has its own color of water, depending on the quantity of minerals and mineral content.

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