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Tourist route “SHAVLINSKOE LAKE”


Type of route: Hiking

Duration: 8 days

Length: a car is 1220 km, walking part -92 km

Age: 18 years old, accompanied by adults – from 16 years

The tour price per person 10 350 thousand rubles.

The travel route lies in the area between Chewie and Arguta – the two largest tributaries of the Katun river. The left tributaries Arguta, including Chawla, originate from the North-Chuya range. This is one of the steep ridges of the Altai at the highest level m. Here are the most beautiful lake of Altai, framed by snowy peaks, is shavlinskie. The snowy peaks of the “fairy Tale”, “Beauty”, “Dream” reflected in the waters of the middle lake and Shalinskogo make an unforgettable impression. The length of the middle of the lake is 2 km, depth up to 30 m. the Nature of the North Chuya ridge has been preserved almost intact. Despite a considerable height, and rather long walks, Mountains lakes often rest, even families with children.

The tour program

Day 1. Barnaul – the settlement of Chibit. Travel along the famous Chuysk two beautiful Seminsky pass and Chike-Taman, which offers magnificent views of the Altai mountains. Troubles in the camp of “Dynamo” on the Seminsky pass.

Day 2 Start Hiking path. The transition to the plateau Estic-Kel (the wandering lake), pass through the Ora, the elevation of 2,378 m. From the pass the trail gradually descends and runs along the river Shabaga to its confluence with the R. Chawla.

3 day trek along the river to Shabaga Shavlinskoe lake. Next the trail goes along the right Bank Savli. On the last kilometers of the trail rises steeply upward, overcoming powerful the moraine that formed the lake. Next we see the beautiful sight: surrounded by high snow-capped peaks appears Shalinskogo turquoise expanse of the lake. Some Parking at the lake decorated wooden idols made by the hands of tourists.

4 day Stay at the lake after a long journey.

Day 5 Radial trek to the Upper Shavlinskoe the lake, walk on a glacier.

6 day Crossing to the confluence of Shabaga and Shavla.

7 day trek to the settlement of Chibit.

8th day Departure to Barnaul. 515 km travel Time 8-9 hours.

The tour price includes:

– transfer: airport – Barnaul airport;

– travel by road from Barnaul to the start of the tour and back;

– providing special group and personal equipment (Mat, sleeping bag, backpack, 2 person tent);

– all meals (meals on the road in the tour price is not included);

– cook service;

– services of guides;

– accident insurance and tick bite.

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Tourist route "SHAVLINSKOE LAKE"
  Type of route: Hiking Duration: 8 days Length: a car is 1220 km, walking part -92 km Age: 18 years old, accompanied by adults – from 16 years The…