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Guided tour – the Healing Lake of Khakassia


Close to the city of Abakan –an object Boyarskaya Pisanitsa – lake Itkul – object range “Trunks” lake Shira lake Bela lake TUS.

Region: Khakassia

Service: Transportation, guides, meals, insurance, accommodation.

Tour duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Level of difficulty: Any physical training

The price includes: sightseeing, transport, meals as per itinerary,

Payable extras: power*, extra services.


Khakassia has long been popular among fans of beach rest and Wellness. This is the land of healing lakes! In Khakassia there are more than 500 large lakes. Many of them have healing properties.

Annually thousands of guests from all over Russia come to improve their health and enjoy a wonderful vacation, bask in the gentle rays of the sun and to feel the healing properties of the lakes of Khakassia.

Optionally, everyone can choose for yourself either retreat with a treatment or relax with friends on the beach, or to be in the thick bright youth party with discos and entertainment.

For all categories of tourists there is a wonderful holiday base.

For our guests we have designed a tour visiting the most popular lakes in Khakasia: Shira, bele, TUS, Itkul *- they are close to each other.

The lakes are famous sights of Khakassia, interested persons easily will be able to explore the unique archaeological sites, open-air museums and many others.Dr. Recommended family tour groups.

Food in tours independent.

The tour program

8:00 – Meeting in Abakan.

8:30 – Breakfast at city cafe.

9:20 – Sightseeing tour of the city.

11:30 – Departure to the lake Shire.

12:40 – Stop at Boyarskaya Pisanitsa, familiarity with ancient rock paintings of Khakassia.

13:30 – Arrive at lake Shira, the placement of dispensaries in Katex, relaxing and swimming at the lake, free time. Optional excursions.

* Shira – the most famous lake of Khakassia, healing salty water which is use for about 120 years. The Pearl village has good infrastructure for leisure and entertainment, including summer cafes, attractions, bars, beauty centers and souvenir shops.

8:00 – Breakfast.

10:00 – Departure to the lake Itkul.

11:20 – Arrival. Tour. Cycle route 2 hours along the shores of lake Itkul.

Swimming in the lake, picnic on the beach.

17:00 – Departure to dispensary Catex

18:30 – Arrival. Free time.

*Lake Itkul is the largest freshwater reservoir of Khakassia, lake with clean drinking water, almost completely strictly protected conservation area. Cycling route organized by the Reserve Khakassky, provides environmentally sound visits to protected areas, with a study of the nesting grounds of rare birds and the unique flora of the steppe of Khakassia

8:00 – Breakfast. The release numbers.

9:00 departure for a tour of the Chests. Advise that the guide to coordinate customized lunch on the Chests.

10:20 – Arrive at Museum, tour.

13:00 – Lunch in the tent. Camping.

14:30 – transfer to lake Bela, the cottage Oasis.

15:30 – Accommodation, swimming in the lake Bela, dinner, rest.

* Bela lake is The deepest lake in Khakassia, a true gem of nature. Beautiful beach, sand beaches and clean, healthy salt water will give not only pleasure but also health.

8:00 – Breakfast at the hostel Oasis. Free time

10:00 trip on the lake TUS.

11:20 swim, a mud bath, relax on the fully equipped beach. About nutrition should take care in advance, as on the lake TUS is not equipped cafe. Attendant guide can help you to collect lunch boxes and drink at the camp site.

In the absence of Sunny weather on this day will be an excursion to mount Chalpan.

17:00-After bathing return to the camp Oasis, a time for dinner and rest. For those interested – bath and fitobochki.

* The TUS lake is the most saline lake in southern Siberia, is famous for the wild resort. Lake brine and mud, saturated with hydrogen sulphide have an amazing healing effect, helps with skin, joint and respiratory diseases. The TUS lake is shallow and warms up well in summer days. At the organised beach there are showers with fresh water, sunbeds and toilets.

8:00 – Breakfast at the hostel Oasis. Free time, swimming, Cycling in the area.

14:00-lunch at the base. Rest.

17:00 – Departure to Abakan. On the way stop at “soldier’s hill”, from where you can see all the famous lakes of Khakassia – Shira, bele, Itkul. Great place for panoramic pictures.

19:40 Arrival to Abakan, transfer to.