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Exogenous processes
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A Little trip to the big lake. Irkutsk


My name is Natalia, I’m a little behind. =) I have a husband, two children and cat, parents-in-law, my mother, two brothers, sister-in-law and nephew and many-many others. But in this opus, they will not.

In General, the background of this day is.

My colleague, a native of Irkutsk, has long worked in Prasinoi, and her husband (at the time of the day already husband) also hails from this wonderful city. On 9 August the guys had a wedding and we were invited to postsvideo party on the lake.

When this action was only in the planning stage, and we were invited, my husband first said ” so delekooooo” But then, realizing that other way, and the reason, to get to the lake Baikal we have probably, in April we bought the tickets.

The time flew by, and here we’re already there.

6 hour flight, 5 hour time difference, right off the plane we loaded up in the car and drove to the lake. We went for three hours, was based in the village of Utulik.

In General, the roads are sprinkled with the purest white marble, brought me in delight and shock =)and this Baikal omul, which is smoked right in front of you. and we already sleeping, but still eat it. Guests must only buy the cones boiled for 10 rubles apiece = ))))))

Our wonderful group spent a wonderful three days at lake Baikal.

And on Sunday we returned to Irkutsk. Our wonderful newlyweds still had guests flying in (Dada, it was flying=) ) and we stayed until Tuesday in the city. Rented an apartment, and on Monday decided once again to go to lake Baikal, but this time on the steamer.

Here about this day and the story goes.

Good morning wasn’t quite so good

One clock shows the home time, one is local =)

Looking out the window, and see the beautiful Hangar in a grey drizzly haze, we’re kind of upset.

But then I remembered how we were warned that the weather on lake Baikal and in Irkutsk changing moment, decided to go to the pier, and try to leave.