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Unique lake will protect public inspectors
  In the village of Navoloki Kupinsky district trained and awarded certificates of public inspectors for nature protection five local residents. According to the head of the Department of natural…

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What to see in Shatsk, Shatsk lakes


On pages of our portal You will easily be able to know what to look for in the Shack, where to go in the Shack. Learn where to Shatsk you can relax. Learn about interesting places and sights of the Shack.

To Shatsk best to get through Kovel. In Kovel bus station, located next to the railway station. From Kovel and Vladimir Volynsky to Shatsk there are regular taxis, buses and private transport. Also to get on the Shuttle bus can be of Lutsk. The distance from Kovel to the Shack is about 80 km.

In the North-West of Ukraine, in Polissya mysterious shack located – a regional centre, famous all over Ukraine for its natural Park “Shatsk lakes” with its unique ecosystem. The natural Park was created in 1983 to protect the biocomplex of all natural resources within its system. Shatsk is located in the Volyn region . on the border with Poland.

The distance to Lutsk is 156 kilometers. The first written mention of the city dates back to 1410, when the Polish king Jagiello sent hunters in Shatsk forests for harvesting meat for the requirements of the army. In 1595 Shatsk was mentioned as a small town. Also mentioned in the historical Chronicles of the nearby village Svityaz, Pulmo, Food and Ostrava.

Within the boundaries of the Shatsk National nature Park, tourists visiting the region will find dozens of crystal clear lakes, beautiful nature, flora and fauna of Polesie, as well as medical climate. Only in the Volyn region, there are about 220 lakes, every tenth of them are located within the boundaries of the Shatsk national natural Park. All lakes are located between the rivers Pripyat and Western bug.

The lakes were called Shackie informally due to the close location to the Shack. Where to go in the Shack? The most famous of them are Svityaz . Pulemetske . Luke . Liutsymer . Ostrovenskoe . Krymnoe and Sand . The biggest natural reservoir of the resort, and the second in Ukraine is Svityaz lake. And called Holy in the Park there are nine lakes.

The shores of Shatsk lakes are low, gently sloping sand and shingle beach, there are boggy areas. The lakes are replenished by precipitation and groundwater, as well as by water exchange through the channels connecting the lakes part. In the summer the water in lakes is well warmed, and in winter freezes easily. At any time of the year that delights the eyes with the beauty of the truly unique corners of nature.

The picturesque nature, a “mosaic” of flora and fauna, huge dense forests and, of course, large lake with crystal clear water – all this makes Shatsky resort a very attractive place for tourism development. Visit it annually, tens of thousands of Ukrainian and foreign tourists in order to improve their health, to enjoy pristine nature and just relax. It should be noted that those people who come here clearly understand that the local service is still far from European standards.

In addition, the region is one of the centers of horse breeding in Ukraine. Are horse riding and combined trips on the lakes, which will be interesting to professionals with lots of experience, and those who saddled the horse for the first time.

In Shatskikh lakes are inhabited by many species of fish: they are rich in perch, roach, pike, bream, crucian, carp, catfish, loach and eel. Also here you can find a canadian catfish, perch and Amur carp. In the majority of lakes are found in abundance crayfish. Forests located in the Shatsky nature Park, rich in berries and mushrooms. Fans of green tourism can be found here strawberries, raspberries, blueberry, blueberries, blackberries, red bilberries and cranberries, and experienced pickers can gather white mushrooms, aspen, boletus, boletus, greenfinches and chanterelles, of which there is found a great variety.

Another advantage of rest on Shatskikh lakes is the possibility to get acquainted with the local way of life of the rich Ukrainian Polesie, lying at night in the villages. Visitors to the edge will certainly please local Volyn food which are prepared with natural homemade products.