A feature of this project is its unique location directly on the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes of Carinthia. By purchasing one of the apartments of…

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Hovd. Kobdo. A city in Western Mongolia
  The city of Kobdo (Dund-Us; Mong. Hovd) is the oldest in Mongolia. It is the administrative, economic and cultural center Kriskova (Hovd) aimag. Located at a height of m,…

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Top ten places in America

It is very difficult and even to some extent it is unfair to choose the most beautiful States in America. because each of them has its own unique feature. The beauty of nature and the amazing things created by man – all this forms the individuality of each place.

We selected for you the ten very different and a must visit for any traveler States.

Known as “the sunshine state”, Florida is the southernmost point of the USA and consists of a trendy mix of beaches, big cities and hot weather. No wonder about this state say that there will be anything, even for the most sophisticated gourmet travel.

Full of vivid contrasts, cultural sites and landscapes that can compete with himself “Lord of the rings”, the state of Oregon is deservedly considered one of the most spectacular States. The many wonderful parks and mountain roads beckon us to return again and again to this amazing natural reserve.

Due to the large number of lakes, Michigan is also called the great lakes State, water-winter Wonderland, and Automotive staff. Beautiful lakes will not leave indifferent lovers of flora and fauna. There are all conditions for active recreation: hunters, swimmers, anglers and boaters.

The place where a great many national parks, monuments, ski resorts, cute little towns and the wild, unspoilt nature. In thisstate, never a dull moment, because there are so many places yet to be explored.

Hawaii is the only us state located on Islands. A rare beauty of nature, amazing lunar landscapes, and mild climate have made the island one of the most attractive resorts in the world. By the way, the symbol Hawaiian – flower orchids.

Arizona is one of the largest, densely populated, hot, mineral-rich and popular among tourists from all over the world States. Here are more parks and national monuments than any other state, more mountains than Switzerland and more Golf courses than Scotland.

Utah is a state of bright colors and pristine nature. On the map it looks like a smooth (except for the piece Atamanovo Wyoming) rectangle. In-state – unpredictable canyons, the shapes of red stone, reminiscent of a hastily cobbled together snowmen swirling spirals highways and blue BLOB of the Great Salt lake.

Washed by the Arctic ocean, Alaska is the largest and less populated state. Impressive combination of snowy plains, majestic mountains, hot lakes and rich culture make Alaska one of the most tempting places to visit.

Pristine landscapes and endless blue sky – all this makes Montana an unforgettable one. Most of the state is the Rocky mountains. All year round there are many festivals: in may, wine festival, in June – strawberry festival, in late summer balloon festival in November or the Christmas parade, at the end of the year – festival of trees.

In charming, California has all the best beaches, cities, picturesque vineyards, rugged mountains, quiet forests, beautiful lakes and parks. To visit California is one of the first things that needs to be undertaken by each avid traveler.

Want to visit these beautiful States? Choose a trip by yourself or leave a request and we will find it for you!