The Crater Lake: the extraordinary beauty of the lake in the volcanic crater (USA)
  Crater lake – one of the greatest creations of the sorceress nature. Most of them were formed millennia ago from rain and glacial water in natural reservoirs, formed due…

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The Kuril Islands: the lost world of volcanoes and geysers
  Were You ever on the edge of the world? Stood on the edge of the crater of an active volcano? Did You ever bear? No? Then we invite You…

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Borovoye. Korgalzhyn reserve

Beautiful, rich Akmola land. The ancient land of ancient people. Fabulous eagle is widely spread its wings for flight, it stretches. Fertile soil, many rivers and lakes, vast pastures, rich metal deposits, generous gifts of the forest, the abundance of game animals and fish has long attracted people. Amazing originality give the edge of lakes, rivers and streams. Borovoye, Shchuchye, Big and Small chebache, Zerenda and hundreds of other lakes, like large pearls in the necklace are soldered edges. Good otdyhayushie generous summer. But a quiet sad fall no less generous and beautiful piercing. Gold birch coppices, red flashes aspens thin needles are shaded dark evergreen pine woods and spruce groves. The scent of senescent grass mixes with mushroom spice. In the hog there are about hundreds of varieties of edible mushrooms. Mushrooming is very exciting and useful for good mood. There is some mysterious, attracting power in granite sculptures created by mother Nature. If you move slightly to the side, and a little strain of the imagination as the stone comes to life. In Borovoye has no material culture monuments. But the very nature of the combination of magnificent mountains, blue lakes, pine woods and larch forests created unique beautiful landscapes. A long time ago on the site of this mountain –forest oasis splashed a vast ancient sea. At the end of the ice age as a result of mining educational processes of the sea disappeared, and the landscape assumed modern shape. Under the influence of sun, winds and rain in the rocks, as if built of gigantic slabs, formed a recess, trench, through-hole, so they have acquired bizarre and incredibly scenic views.

Korgalzhyn reserve

Korgalzhyn state nature reserve is located 130 km South-West of Astana. The purpose of this reserve is to preserve the natural complex study and promote the ideas of nature protection. The reserve is situated in the Tengiz – Korgalzhyn depression, and occupies an area of 259,9 thousand hectares, of which 198 thousand waters. In General the protected area are two large lakes Tengiz and Korgalzhyn, the remainders of an ancient sea, which once filled the whole basin. Together with other smaller reservoirs they form a unique, rich fish and bird wetland system. The length of the Tengiz lake is 85 km, width 35 km away, the opposite shore is not visible even in binoculars twentyfold. “Tengiz” means in Kazakh language “sea”, the salinity is 5-6 times higher than the salinity of the World ocean. In 2000 Tengiz was included in the organization “Living lakes” brings together the most unique lakes in the world. Summer on the lakes, while thousands of swans, geese, and ducks. Break the winter silence birds of Northern regions: the snowy owl and ptarmigan, waxwings and Redpolls, long-tailed rosefinches and bullfinches. All in Korgalzhyn reserve is home to 32 species of birds listed on the pages of the red book. The fauna of the reserve includes about 40 species. Here you can watch the mighty wild boar, the swift-footed antelopes, badgers. Unique natural complex of Korgalzhyn reserve is included in the list of protected areas of the planet included in the group “A” of the Ramsar Convention and is also expected to include this territory in UNESCO List. Korgalzhyn reserve sheltered a number of species of birds threatened by extinction. They are listed in the Red book. First of all, this is a fabulously beautiful bird – the pink Flamingo. Flamingo – from the Latin for “Flame”, which means “flame”. The bird is flexible, graceful and quite large. A great joy to see flocks of flamingos, to observe their behavior. Red cloud swaying, as if spilling a large smokeless flame, Svetlaya, then, bursting purple-red glow.