Tourist route "SHAVLINSKOE LAKE"
  Type of route: Hiking Duration: 8 days Length: a car is 1220 km, walking part -92 km Age: 18 years old, accompanied by adults – from 16 years The…

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Guided tour - the Healing Lake of Khakassia
  Close to the city of Abakan –an object Boyarskaya Pisanitsa - lake Itkul - object range "Trunks" lake Shira lake Bela lake TUS. Region: Khakassia Service: Transportation, guides, meals,…

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Kamchatka. The journey to the Caldera of the volcano Ksudach to Khodutka hot springs


Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the Volcano Ksudach – Khodutka springs of the Mutnovsky volcano – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

The Caldera of Ksudach volcano is located 160 km South of Petropavlovsk. The remoteness of this place from access roads, no residential settlements along the route, keep these places in a protected form. Wonderful hodutkinskie sources and the Caldera Ksudach along with the Valley of Geysers still remain for tourists one of the most attractive places in Kamchatka. The crater lake Caldera Ksudach, bizarre landscape, creating the impression of unreality and delight. Hodutkinskie keys – special Kamchatka thermal springs. Real hot full-flowing river, gently flowing through the birch forest. Numerous thermal and mineral springs, bright rich nature of the surrounding volcanoes – the main advantages of this area. A simple ascent to the crater – the Caldera of one of the active volcanoes of Mutnovsky volcano, allows you to see volcanic activity. The enchanting sight remains in the memory. The distance and remoteness of the region from civilization affects the movement of tourists. Wild trails, mountain streams complicate it. The penultimate two days of the program – backup. They are designed for a probable delay during the trip.

Kind of travel: helicopter and walking.

Duration: 12 days / 11 nights.

Dates: July 20 – August 30.

Day 1: on the day of arrival in Elizovo airport the group will meet the bus with the guide who takes tourists to the Paratunka recreation area on one of the databases. Accommodation in double twin rooms shared by two rooms bathroom. Hot thermal pool around the clock.

Day 2: Morning after Breakfast the bus will take the group to the heliport, from where the journey begins. Flight to the volcano Ksudach is just over an hour. Here on the shores of lake shtyubelya you and set your tent camp. Afternoon excursion to the waterfall. The volcano is actively manifested fumarole and hydrothermal activity. Steam and gas streams of different power are spiraling out of extrusions, Hot rock and Soaring Crest. On the shores of lakes observed outputs of thermal waters, especially the powerful – Hot beach – dedicated to the foot of the extrusions. Overnight in tents.

Day 3: Excursion to the lake Key.

Day 4: Transfer 18 km from the river Zapadnaya Khodutka. This and all subsequent transitions are cross country, no trails. Possible encounters with bears on berry patches.

Day 5: Transfer 18 km to the foot of Khodutka volcano.

Day 6: Go 17 km to the Khodutka springs. At the North-Western foot of the Khodutka of the array are the most remarkable in Kamchatka hot springs. They are presented hot the river width of 20-30 meters and a depth of 1.2 – 1.7 meters from the crater, formed sometime after a volcanic explosion. Hot river first flows through a treeless meadow, and then through a birch forest. The length of the river about half a kilometer.

Day 7: Leisure at the Khodutka springs.

Day 8: Flight to the Mutnovsky volcano.

Day 9: on this day, tourists make the excursion to the crater of active Mutnovsky volcano, which is an elongated array of four merged cones. The West side is the Active crater, which is the main place of modern activity of the volcano. For its size the merged crater Mutnovsky volcano is considered one of the most active among the active craters of the Peninsula. Here you can see the existence of active volcanoes right next to him – fumaroles, mud cauldrons.

On the way back tourists visiting the 80-foot waterfall in the canyon Dangerous. Evening car will pick up the group from under the volcano and transfer to the hotel.

10-11den: Reserve days. (Bad weather)

Day 12: Departure from Kamchatka. Coach with guide accompany will take You to the airport.

Tour cost includes:

Services for booking and accommodation in hotels and motels. Additional services provided by the hotels (taxis, Laundry, Luggage storage, etc.).

All transportation in the program.

Staff for support on a route in the city (except porters).

Passes, licenses and permits required to advance on any route.

Rent the necessary gear and equipment for field camp, field kitchen.

The power on the trails.

The price of all tours not included:

beer and alcoholic beverages; communication services (mail, Fax, telephone calls); tickets for a trip to Kamchatka and back, insurance of tourists and their Luggage.

Even paid Lunches and dinners during your stay in the hotels of Petropavlovsk or in recreation.

Optional excursions:

helicopter to the Valley of Geysers, sea on the Bay by boat (optional at extra charge ).

Food routes: traditional Russian food is cooked on open fire and gas stove cook.

Stay on routes 2, 3 and 4 place tents.

During the tour, the probable permutation of the stages by the day due to possible bad weather.


Every tourist should have: rucksack, sleeping bag, Mat, spoon, mug, Cup, comfortable shoes with hard soles of type Vibram or reliable sneakers, knee high boots, comfortable movement clothing that provides wind and moisture protection, lightweight waterproof raincoat or jacket, spare socks, sweater, hat, gloves, sunglasses, personal hygiene items, mosquito repellent, bathing suit.