Unique tri-colored crater lake of Kelimutu volcano
Kelimutu volcano is located on lost in the ocean island of Flores, which belongs to the Small Eastern Indonesian Sunda Islands. Since the island is far removed from the mainland,…

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Kamchatka. The journey to the Caldera of the volcano Ksudach to Khodutka hot springs
  Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the Volcano Ksudach – Khodutka springs of the Mutnovsky volcano – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The Caldera of Ksudach volcano is located 160 km South of Petropavlovsk. The remoteness of this…

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Montenegro. Attractions Of Montenegro. Skadar lake


Skadar lake is not only the largest lake in the Balkans, but also one of the few remaining wetlands with fresh water, the natural habitat of pelicans and the largest nesting birds in Europe. Numerous monasteries, churches and FORTS built on the Islands and shores of the lake, stand the monuments to those who lived and rules here centuries ago – as if time has stopped here. Nature and history complement each other.


Public transport in the area of Skadar lake goes selectively, not all coastal towns and villages, and only in Virpazar (Virpazar). In this port city on Skadar lake you can come not only by bus from the Montenegrin towns (for example, from Budva and Podgorica), but also by train. Moreover, the railway line direction on the Bar (Bar), passing through Podgorica (Podgorica) and Virpazar, begins in Serbian Belgrade. The road from there will take 9-10 hours and will cost the traveler in 24-35 euros depending on car class. But from Podgorica to Virpazar to go fast and cheap, only 50 minutes and 1.5-3 euros you get to the station. And from there begins an acquaintance with the national Park, at the entrance to the territory which will have to pay another 4 euros.

Some tourists prefer independent travel to the lake by car. It is possible to drive to the lake even from Croatia, the road from Dubrovnik takes only 2.5 hours. If you take a car in Montenegro, the cheapest options will cost from 30 euros per day. The advantages of this option are clear, but the inexperienced driver should soberly assess their strength: many local roads are narrow mountain serpentine. (Therefore, if possible, choose the path through the tunnel, but not through the pass. The tunnel fee, but the price is small, up to 5 euros.)

The alternative would be a taxi, it will cost more, but you don’t have to spend efforts to manage the machine, or to adapt the schedule the rest of the group. Use the Navigator Virpazar (Virpazar) – this is the starting point for all excursions on the lake, and here are the most delicious fish restaurants.


Skadar lake, the largest lake in the Balkans, is itself one of the main attractions of Montenegro and Albania. However, from year to year come across the tourists, unhappy with what he saw. Perhaps this is due to the fact that many expect to see a real mountain lake lying on a height and surrounded by cliffs. In fact, the pond is only 5 m above sea level and the mountains around it are low, though picturesque. In addition, the shore near the Virpazar is very swampy and only impress with lots of vegetation.

To see Skadar lake in all its glory, you must take a boat trip. Craft can choose as you like: boats and boats from 20-30 euros per hour, kayaks, yachts — for every taste and budget. About the quote on the boats, rowing and motor, you can bargain. Most importantly, do not overdo it, it is still not East of the country, in 3-4 times the price can not be reduced. Scattered on the lake Islands, some of them there are ancient churches and monasteries existing (uranine, Starchevo, beška, Moracnik and others). Optionally, you can land on them and listen to the stories of the monks about these places, so the trip will be more informative.

The owners of the little ships to bring clean beaches and cozy coastal restaurants. Mostly they serve local wines and dishes of fish, caught right here. For a certain amount and you can try your luck at fishing, just don’t try to do it yourself: Montenegro fishing license required. From free entertainment, you can select swimming and bird watching, which is more commonly called now a fashionable word destinations. For ornithologists and lovers of wildlife there is a real Paradise with ducks, herons, gulls, taken a liking to the whole island, pelicans and many other species of birds. Coastal and shallow water is literally buried in the thickets of water lilies and yellow water lilies, making landscapes of Skadar lake even more romantic.