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Travel and vacation in Russia


Fabulous beauty of our Motherland

Many people prefer to spend holidays abroad. But no less exciting to travel independently in Russia. After all, our country has a huge number of places, from the kind of breathtaking. Nowhere in the world so closely intertwined beautiful nature, historical monuments and modernity. In addition, our homeland has United many peoples and nationalities, gave us their traditions.

Everyone can choose rest in Russia for the soul on throughout the year. Only in our country you can admire the beauty of the deepest lake in the world — lake Baikal, to explore the Golden Ring cities, which are the pride of the whole country, and enjoy the summer sun on the beach in the Crimea. And all this at affordable prices and without overcoming the language barrier. In addition, the time to travel to Russia is always right.

The greatest monument of primeval nature

We all know that the deepest lake is the Baikal. and it is located in our country. If we travel around the country, you must visit this amazing place. Baikal impresses with its grandeur and pristine beauty. Vacation on its shores you can compare with pastime in Egypt. Impressions remain, no less.

If you are traveling by car in Russia, you probably want to stay in a secluded location on the shore of lake Baikal. However, it is unlikely you will succeed. Season on the lake lasts just two months. But during this time it is visited by people from all over the planet, so a secluded place where you can lie in the sun and fishing, you most likely will not be able to find.

If you want to enjoy the deserted and quiet. then you have two choices. The first is to go on a trip, not a season, for example, to arrange a holiday in the autumn in Russia. Then you will be able to admire the beauty of lake Baikal in peace and quiet. The second way is to go to his car, and, say, kayaking. In this case, you have a good chance to find a secluded scenic place, even in summer.

Today, the organization of leisure in Russia is not worse than abroad. In recent years, Baikal is actively developing tourism. Near the lake there are a number of hotels and resorts offering comfortable conditions.

One thousand and one nights in Crimea

Crimea is another treasure of our country. If you don’t know where to travel to Russia, the Peninsula will be the ideal option. It’s only on the map, it seems small. But in fact, miracles in the Crimea will last for many years to come. In one trip you hardly have time to admire the palaces of the southern coast, to visit the hero city of Sevastopol, to hear the story about the Swallow’s nest, to visit caves, see beautiful waterfalls, enjoy the romance on the beach around the campfire and stroll along the promenade of Yalta.

Every corner of Crimea has its own face. So in the South wonderfully adjoin rocky mountains and the azure sea. Summer vacation with children it is best to spend in Yalta or surrounding area. The city is located on the coast of the shallow Kalamitsky Bay. It is very warm and shallow sea, creating perfect conditions for children. In Evpatoria are many resorts and hotels with comfortable rooms.

Your winter holiday in Russia is better to arrange in the South, namely in Yalta. When in the capital rage frost, on the southern shore of the Crimea the temperature does not fall below zero. And here even in January are blooming violets.

Crimea is a picturesque region. excellent place for holidays in any season. Here everyone will find something of their own. Indeed, in the Crimea is closely intertwined rich history and beautiful nature, monuments of culture and favorable climate, modernity and endless wild beaches.

The pride of the country

If you are traveling to Russia, want to get acquainted with its history and culture, then you need to go to the Golden ring. The so-called ancient settlements which grew the modern metropolis. One of the most popular tourist routes includes:

— Sergiev Posad

— Kostroma

— Yaroslavl

— Uglich

— Suzdal

— Vladimir and others.

The name “Golden ring” appeared in the Soviet era. Then the term meant eight villages. But gradually the list was expanded. Travel to cities of Russia, and you will definitely visit at least one of the Golden ring. They are fraught with the mysteries of our country who are waiting for their answers. You can make yourself a fun trip or choose a pre-proposal tour operator. In any case, you will get a lot of new impressions from the trip. If foreigners travel to Russia, they often prefer a Gold ring. The only way you can meet with amazing Russian culture.

Our country has many tremendous places to visit at least once in your life. We can all say: “Traveling by car”, and to go by road from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. On the road you will make many amazing discoveries.