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The British risk turning the lake into the soup
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East Lake Park, Wuhan attractions China


Park East Lake is located in the Eastern suburb of Wuchang (Wuchang) Hubei province (Hubei) at the foot of mount Luzza (Lujia Mount). The Park area is 87 square kilometers, of which 33 square kilometers is the lake. Around the lake are built over 70 different buildings, including pavilions, terraces and towers and planted more than two million different trees.

The mild climate and large number of Sunny days per year has created favorable conditions for the local flora: more than three million plants of 372 different species grow in the Park. Spring blooming orchids graceful, delicate Lotus blossoms in summer, autumn sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant, and in winter the trees are a riot of flowers plum. The Park is home to 80 species of birds, and the lake is full of fish; Wuchang fish is the rarest and the most famous in China.

Limitless water of East lake, surrounded by the peaks of the mountains, creating a landscape of extraordinary beauty. Small and big lakes come together and form a “99 turbulence” (they call this area the locals). The Park is divided into different thematic areas, each of which is distinguished by its architecture, vegetation and landmarks. Six of them – “Tinto”, “Hill of the Mill”, “Diving Wild Goose”, “White Horse”, “Freak” and “the Hills Luhan”.

Once through the gate Chuanliang (Huangliwan Gate) you will find yourself in the area “Tinto”, surrounded by high mountains and lined weeping willows along the banks of the lake. Here are the Lotus pond and several smaller pavilions, built in the traditional national style with green tiles and round columns. In one of the pavilions opened restaurant where you can enjoy fish dishes and drink good wine.

In the Western part of the Park is a large monument «Tomb of Nine Brave Women”, the burial place of nine women soldiers who perished during the Taiping rebellion (peasant war in China against the Manchu of the Qing Empire, which was in the period from 1850 to 1864 years). At the time, opposition group “Taipinggou” (translated from the Chinese “heavenly Kingdom of Peace”) acted against a corrupt feudal system of the Qing Empire. In one of the battles that took place close to Uchāna, the Imperial authorities have dealt a crushing blow to the opposition army, leaving the army of the enemy alive, only nine women. However, those unwilling to join the Imperial army and committed suicide by cutting his throat in front of the Qing rulers. Today many tourists from all over China come here to pay my respects to these brave women.

But perhaps the most popular part of the Park – «Friendship Garden” where volunteers from other countries and cities along with the residents of Wuhan plant young trees symbolizing friendship and peaceful coexistence.

In addition, the Park includes an ice rink and cable car. You can also rent a tandem bike or take a trip on the lake by boat.

Tour to the attractions of the “East Lake Park”

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