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The sheets of Maranhao is an amazing lake in the dunes of white sand


Brazil is one of the most amazing places – national Park Lencios Maranhenses (the Bedsheets of Maranhao). It is located near the city of Barbarians, in the state of maranhão.

Amazing scenery Lencios Maranhenses travelers will remember for a lifetime – the sand dunes of white sand rise up to 40 meters in height, and between them opened the indescribable beauty of fresh clear lakes, covering an area of over 1,000 square meters.

At first glance the sheets of Maranhao resemble the Sahara desert, but this is a misconception. In the rainy season it drops to 300 times more rain than the Sahara, and all the water collects between the dunes, forming a unique combination of fresh blue-green water and white sand. For its beauty this place was named “bed Sheets of Maranhao”.

During the rains the desert comes alive – here fly birds swim fish and other marine animals, the vegetation comes to life – there are mangroves, whose height is 12 meters. In the wilderness come alive deer, caimans, Golden hares, and huge crabs. The desert area is more than 1500 square kilometres, and extends inland it is 270 kilometers.

In pristine lakes constantly full of life, which is admired by inhabitants of small villages located within the Park. From December to March in this place lasts the dry season, during which the air temperature warms up to almost 40 degrees. Many ponds dry up, so the locals mostly go to the cattle and are awaiting a new rainy season, which will once again enliven the wilderness.

Views of the national Park from a helicopter looks like a big pulsating blanket that moves clearly in the direction of the wind. The lagoon and the sand dunes are constantly shifting, so seeing here favourite landscape, know that he will never repeat again. Best to visit Lencios Maranhenses in the period from June to October. The entrance to the Park is free, but cars are prohibited to pass here in the Park trying to maintain the ecological balance. Tourists have to either go all the way on foot, or to “arm” the bike or sandbottom.

It is still unclear how and where animals disappear and fish during the rainy season. Scientists are still put forward new hypotheses. In particular, they believe that the ROE of fishes and the crabs may remain in the sand until the arrival of the new water.