Unique lake will protect public inspectors
  In the village of Navoloki Kupinsky district trained and awarded certificates of public inspectors for nature protection five local residents. According to the head of the Department of natural…

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Unique tri-colored crater lake of Kelimutu volcano
Kelimutu volcano is located on lost in the ocean island of Flores, which belongs to the Small Eastern Indonesian Sunda Islands. Since the island is far removed from the mainland,…

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The Kuril Islands: the lost world of volcanoes and geysers


Were You ever on the edge of the world? Stood on the edge of the crater of an active volcano? Did You ever bear? No? Then we invite You to take part in adventure tourism expeditions to the Kuril Islands!

“Thousand Islands”. it is the so-called Kuril Islands, the Japanese discoverers. Lost in the Pacific archipelago has always lived “other” special life. Kamchatka-the Japanese influence, coupled with a long tradition of the Islands keep a lot of secrets and mysteries, a heated the hot breath of volcanoes and geysers. The contrast is inexplicable natural phenomena, flora and fauna, astounding, whether it is a seventy-metre waterfalls on the coast or a small lagoon and volcanic lakes. Boiling colorful mineral springs and crystal clear streams with fresh water. Here you can walk for weeks and not meet a single person. Such places in the world there are very few.

To get to the Kuril Islands, so:

– To visit the pristine land of geysers and volcanoes, prolonged dense fog, bizarre natural phenomena and fraught with many miracles.

– To investigate and explore patterns of volcanic rocks, to unravel their mysteries of birth and life, touches the real active volcano.

– Swim in the best therapeutic sources in the world, saturated important health bath salts, whether siliceous, thermal, sulfide, carbonate or ferruginous hot mineral water.

– Fantastic to see the Fumarole fields with dense gas clouds and the fiery red earth..

You will find yourself in a real mud and water geysers, to understand their structure and action, to hear the pillars of gas and steam, with a roar escaping from the ground and reaching several meters.

– Climb the most beautiful volcano Atsonupuri, where every evening the sun goes down the Kuril Islands.

– Go on a sea fishing trip, where you can easily catch cod, sea perch, greenling, Lenk, saffron cod, flounder, and possibly white-barked halibut, reaching a weight of 300 kg.

To walk in the midst of the giant grass rising taller than a man, or among trees, height not above the knee or among the trees, reaching 30 m in the forest gully.

Tour program:

1 Day

Flight to Sakhalin is the largest island of Russia. Accommodation, excursion to the Museum.

Yuzhno-Sakhalin regional Museum is interesting because of their appearance. This is almost the only surviving monument of the era of the Japanese government to Karafuto (1910–1945). The building was built in 1937, the Japanese architect in the style of “taken” (Imperial crown), has a tiled roof in the form of “Japanese castle”, architectural features – lights-Windows in the ceiling, the entrance-portico, jewelry-kazari on the roofs and the slopes in the Japanese style. Russia’s only building of this type.

The Museum collection presents a rich ethnographic collections devoted to the culture and life of indigenous people of Sakhalin – the Ainu and Nivkh. Most valuable are the unique original documents on the history of the Sakhalin penal servitude (1868–1905).