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Beautiful lake Baskunchak is very much appreciated in Russia, because it’s really the source of salt


Unique lake Baskunchak for five centuries, is in Russia, the main source of salt. It is located in the Astrakhan region and it is worth noting that approximately 80% of salt produced in our country is taken from here. In the reign of Ivan the terrible on-Baskun the development. At this time, the territory was joined to Russia and became part of it. In ancient times, the salt mine was very hard, this work was considered to be the hellish work. Until the mid-twentieth century, salt was extracted from the human but then work had stopped because we started work the special machines. Thanks to machines to produce salt became much easier, because they always worked, whatever the weather and time of day.

Interesting information about salt lake Baskunchak

Salt, which was extracted from the salty lake Baskunchak . supplied to the domestic market and are successfully exported. Export is necessary in any case as there are huge deposits of salt, which must be removed. In addition, the profit from the sale of “white gold” large enough. On the Baskunchak lake salt does not end, that is, the deposits are almost inexhaustible. Every year they will naturally recover.

In this unique lake you can swim and even recommended to do that because the water is able to heal people from many diseases. People who can’t swim, can swim in the Baskunchak lake because this water body it is impossible to drown. It has a high density and therefore the body is simply ejected from the water, and goes to the bottom. A lot of tourists happens in this wonderful place, despite the fact that there are no architectural monuments. Salt lake totally makes up for their absence. There are no ancient cities, but one can see the beautiful scenery.

On the geographical location of lake Baskunchak

Since the pond is almost on the border with Kazakhstan, it has a definite geographical location. The lake is almost always warm and Sunny weather. In Russia, of course, there are many places where there are unique monuments of architecture. On a snowy Siberian lands very nicely, and in the vast steppes of Astrakhan hot. If one does not want to return to the Northern part of Russia can safely go to the South, there is too much interesting. In the South the time to spend with their loved ones can best.