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Trip to Terek on the minibus. Museums. Umba, Varzuga, Amethysts


Transport UAZ “Farmer” to 5 seats,

Overnight in tents, sleeping bags (may be provided by the organizer)

Power supply: – with the fire (campfire equipment provided)

Children up to 11 years 20% discount up to 2 children per group

The cost for a group of 5 people – 3300 rubles per person.

This excursion to the South coast of the Kola Peninsula differs from the standard bus tours, and it not only gives the opportunity in a concentrated form to see the nature of the White sea, the Kola coast-dwellers ‘ life, the monuments of ancient architecture, but also visit remote for simple machines.

Part of the route passes bypass dust of the roadside and pavement – old Pomeranian the road running along the edge of the sea, surrounded by beautiful seascapes.

In two days You will see beautiful lakes, rivers with brown water, powerful waterfalls, sea tides, purple amethyst, white sea flyer, ancient village. But at the same time relax from the city bustle, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see sea lions, elk facing the road and other representatives of the rich fauna of the Tersky Coast.

1 day

07.00 departure from Apatity – Kirovsk (possible stop on the river Piranha)

9.00 Kandalaksha, seals in the Bay (in early summer), the observation deck on the mountain cross, the ancient Pomeranian maze.

10:30 On the way to Umba stop with the waterfall on the river kolvica (tea, snack)

12:00 Stop on the river Umba

12.30 arrival in the village of Umba.

Old Umba is a former village Forest was established in 1898.

The Museum of history, culture and life of Tersky Pomors(optional).

A souvenir shop.

15.30 Departure to the village of Varzuga

From Umba on the road Umba-Varzuga 140km, 40 km of which is asphalt, the rest is normal Russian primer, but mostly we go right along the beach and even periodically will go to the casting zone of the sea.

On the way:

Kuznechenko granite Deposit

The place of crossing the Arctic circle at the village Moseevo.

Holy spring and chapel of the Terek Nameless Monk 17th century.

18:00 Ancient Pomor village Varzuga River Varzuga, the Mouth of Varzuga (Kuzomen), the world’s most northerly sandy desert with dunes Kuzminskie Sands (it is possible to meet wild horses).

A monument of wooden architecture – the temple complex of the village of Varzuga. The Church of the Dormition (1674), which operates the two-altar Church of Athanasius of Alexandria and the Solovetsky miracle workers Zosima and Savvaty (1852) and bell tower.

The River Varzuga.

Moving to the Cape the Ship.

Deposits of amethyst and fluorite on the shore of the White sea

Evening gatherings around the campfire,

it is possible to observe the process of ebb-tide and the study of the inhabitants of the coastal zone.

Overnight in tents on the beach in this fabulous forest.

08.00 Rise and Breakfast.

To 10:00 a walk through a field of amethysts.

Departure in the opposite direction.

On the way stop for tea in a beautiful location.

12:00 Visit of the old Pomeranian village Kashkarantsy.

Tikhvin Church. Lighthouse.

13:30 visit of the deposits of white sea flyers (depends on tide)

15:00 Stop on the picturesque Bank of lake Koleckova (lunch)

20:00 Return to Apatity – Kirovsk.

The schedule is subject to change depending on weather and tides (visiting some places postponed to the second day or noboot at first), the points given are approximate.

Optional can be increased by the number of days added places to visit, and other changes in the route.

The price includes: bus service, rental of tents and campfire equipment, excursions according to the program.

Please bring: warm, windproof clothes. Comfortable, waterproof shoes, a shawl, a skirt to visit the Holy places, thermos, sandwiches, food on 2 days, personal dishes (Cup, spoon, bowl), a container for water from a Holy source, photo-video equipment.