Exogenous processes
  The processes of weathering Rocks on the surface exposed to the damaging effects of water, gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide), organisms and their metabolic products, temperature fluctuations. The set…

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East Lake Park, Wuhan attractions China
  Park East Lake is located in the Eastern suburb of Wuchang (Wuchang) Hubei province (Hubei) at the foot of mount Luzza (Lujia Mount). The Park area is 87 square…

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Unique lake in Kazan

What attracts tourists in old Russian cities? Of course, the most interesting is a rich history, an abundance of ancient temples, ancient FORTS and several other ancient and modern attractions. Not less interesting nature and ancient towns, and their vicinities. One example of such ancient Russian settlements, which are renowned and man-made and natural attractions, is Kazan. The most significant natural tourist attractions, try to visit many travelers, highlight lake Blue. Often, those tourists, which took Kazan hostels for temporary accommodation, try to visit on this unique body of water. Even in the most severe frosts, located 20 km from the town, the lake does not freeze. The lake water is crystal clear and a constant temperature. And in a winter icy cold, and in incredibly hot summer days it is always 6 degrees. The mystery of nature, isn’t it?

The lake appeared about two centuries ago, after the earth was formed failure. Over time it was filled with water, and today these places are impossible to imagine without this reservoir. The diameter of the lake is approximately 30 meters, and its depth – about 17 meters. Despite this great depth while on the surface, you can see everything that is on it’s depth. The water visibility in Blue lake is as much as 46 meters, so it would be deeper, could be just as well to admire the underwater world. Incidentally, the divers often take a dive. The lake is a favorite for nature lovers of underwater photography. Many tourists try to time booking of hotels in Kazan by the time when the city hosts fun outdoor festivities. It is on the shore of the Blue lake every year is a cheerful holiday, called Day of Natua. On and just before the new year strengthen divers at the bottom of the decorated Christmas tree. Loved this place and walruses, because with such cold water, to take pleasure in their favorite activities they can all year round.

I must say that Blue lake is the only natural reservoir. It’s several lakes, combined in a single chain. Such unique natural attractions on our planet only a few pieces. Kazan in this regard is very lucky, because the nature has awarded her such a unique aqueous complex of natural origin. The uniqueness of lakes in the fact that the composition of their water at the salinity level is as close to the composition of sea water, however the taste of the saltiness is not felt. The color of the lake water slightly bluish. This shade she bought because of the content in its composition of calcium salts.