A feature of this project is its unique location directly on the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes of Carinthia. By purchasing one of the apartments of…

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Guided tour - the Healing Lake of Khakassia
  Close to the city of Abakan –an object Boyarskaya Pisanitsa - lake Itkul - object range "Trunks" lake Shira lake Bela lake TUS. Region: Khakassia Service: Transportation, guides, meals,…

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India Waters (except rivers)


In addition to rivers, especially in India, not many large bodies of water. There are several large lakes and reservoirs, and flooded areas.

Coast of India forms several large bays, some of which are called seas, but in fact they are not. All of these “seas” are the bays of the Indian ocean.

India is not rich in lakes. In the country there are only a few more or less large lakes, some of which are of artificial origin. So, the largest lake of India:

• The Chilika lake (1165 sq km) – India’s largest lagoon-like lake, is connected with the Bay of Bengal, Orissa

• Sambhar lake (240 sq km) – the largest salt-water in India and the salt Deposit, among the largest artificial lakes in Asia, Rajasthan

• Lake Collier (901 sq. km) is the largest freshwater lake in India, Andhra Pradesh

• Loktak lake (266 sq km) freshwater lake, the largest lake in the northeast India, Manipur

• The world’s highest mountain lake (189 sq km) is a large freshwater lake in the state of Jammu and Kashmir

Long coastline of India forms several bays, Straits and seas. The southern tip of India overlooks the Indian ocean itself.

Flooded areas of India

The largest flooded areas of India is the Delta of the Ganges (Sunderbans), rich mangrove forests, and salt marshes Kutski the Rann in Gujarat (filled with water during the rainy season). These districts are characterized by unique ecosystems.

Gulfs Of India

• Bay of Bengal is a large Bay in the Indian ocean Southeast from India, separating India from South-East Asia

• Gulf of Cambay Gulf of the Arabian sea in Gujarat

• Gulf of Kutch – Gulf of the Arabian sea in Gujarat state on the border with Pakistan

• Gulf of Mannar – between the southern tip of India and Western coast of Sri Lanka

Straits India

• Strait Tenth of a Degree – separates Andaman Islands from Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal

• Eighth Degrees Strait – separates the Minicoy island from the rest of the Laccadive Islands

• Polski Strait separates India from Sri Lanka

• Arabian sea – one of the bays of the Indian ocean separating the West coast of India on the Arabian Peninsula

• The Andaman sea between the Andaman Islands and Southeast Asia

• Laccadive sea between the Laccadive Islands and the southwest coast of India

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