Hovd. Kobdo. A city in Western Mongolia
  The city of Kobdo (Dund-Us; Mong. Hovd) is the oldest in Mongolia. It is the administrative, economic and cultural center Kriskova (Hovd) aimag. Located at a height of m,…

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Trip to lake Issyk-Kul is becoming for Kazakhstan in the real test
  The trip to Kyrgyzstan, lake Issyk-Kul, and even with children, it is a real challenge. People for hours to pass the border. The children sleep on the bags, while…

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Big lake (lake Kobrinskoe group)


LARGE (Kubenskoe), lake KOBRINSKOE lake groups in the Sergiyev-Posad district, 5 km North-East from Dmitry Sretenka. The area 0,15 sq. km, depth about 4 m. Is almost rectangular in shape, elongated from southwest to northeast for 0.5 km and a width of about 300 m. is Located in the bottom of a wetland coniferous forest, 500 m South of the lake are bordered by extensive marsh array called Batkovskij swamp. From the lake flows R. Shust, tributary to the Mechka (left-hand tributary of Kubr). As located 1.5 km North of the lake is a Small, hardly visited by tourists because of its remoteness and inaccessibility, although the beauty and richness of the fish fauna (large perch, pike and carp) is not inferior to the most popular Meshchera and reservoirs of the upper Volga lowland.

How to get there: from the town of Sergiev Posad by bus to S. Verigina, beyond which the road forks. On the right road leading to the North-East, here on a rare ride or walking need to get through the village Merkuryeva and Slatinka to the bridge over the Crossbar, which is located immediately after the recreation center, built on the left of the road (12 km) and then along the river to pass (or rather, run) through dense impassable forest 2.5 km on South Continue reading

Landmarks of Macedonia


Macedonia is a Paradise in the heart of the Balkans. Every year here on vacation, millions of tourists come from all over Europe! Them attracts a huge number of interesting attractions, picturesque valleys and crystal clear lakes.

The town of Ohrid is the center of the Balkans!

The highlight of any trip to Macedonia is to stay in the city of Ohrid. This is full of attractions the city possesses an indescribable beauty, and rich history and culture. The crystal clear waters of the nearby lake, made the city a real magnet for tourists and vacationers from all over Macedonia. Millennial picturesque churches, cathedrals and other ancient religious monuments make Ohrid the most important Orthodox centre of the Balkans and the spiritual heart of Macedonia. Near the town is another attraction, tourists gazaeta “Lake lovers”. The name of the lake has purchased due to its quiet and cozy location with wonderful views of the city. That’s why walking here and couples just wanting to relax from the daily bustle.

It is interesting to know that Ohrid is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is entirely included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

City Museum is a historical landmark of Macedonia

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The biggest lake in the world


Not every person can name correctly the largest lake in the world. And here is not there is negligence on geography lessons. Because the largest reservoir of the planet on the map referred to as the sea! The Caspian sea is a closed lake of enormous size, located on the border of Asia and Europe. In form it resembles the Latin letter S, with the area of 371 thousand square kilometers In salt water of the Caspian sea are several Islands, bays and cozy coves.

The coastline stretches over 6500 km, and if we take into account also the Islands, you will be released and 7000 km Coastal zone is low-lying and sleek, rugged rivers flowing into the lake, densely covered with thickets. The average depth of the Caspian sea is 208 meters and a maximum of 1025 meters To the lake have access States such as Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan.

Other giants

And who can compete with such water giant? Are there similar to the Caspian lake? On the planet there are the reservoirs, but from the champion they are far behind. Here are their names:

Lake superior, North America (82 414 sq km) Victoria, Africa (69 485 sq km) Huron, North America (59 600 sq km) Michigan, North America (58 000 sq km) Aral sea, Eurasia (on the verge Continue reading