What to see in Shatsk, Shatsk lakes
  On pages of our portal You will easily be able to know what to look for in the Shack, where to go in the Shack. Learn where to Shatsk…

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Tour of Western Canad
  Arrival in calgary – the center of economic growth in Canada, the most dynamic city in North America. A short tour on the way from the airport to the…

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Rest at Buhtarma


Bukhtarma — a river in Kazakhstan where the rest is, according to some estimates even more than in Turkey. I wonder why it is so? This is due primarily, not with expensive hotels, which there are if there is something at least, not with expensive additional trips or travel routes that are here present, but by the way in most cases free or a minimal cost, but the atmosphere.

The most expensive, what you spend here, it’s comfort from the present, natural rest. Turkey is a modern beaches stay in hotels where everything is included. And flights to Turkey occurs more often and is cheaper than in Kazakhstan, here in Bukhtarma valley. But the feelings Turkey largely loses any Kazakh place to stay.

The best part is the journey by car. You win a lot in front of the plane, because before you open the wonderful land of Sunny Kazakhstan. You meet people who are willing to share with you a cake just because you’re a good man, but because in fact they don’t know you, but trust. But even if the road trip you don’t have much time, the plane largely reduces the travel time to places.

What gives you the rest on Buqtyrma? First, before you can enjoy wonderful landscapes, which brighten up the holiday. In addition, nature gives you the wonderful fruits that you can try only here. Now the people Continue reading

The biggest lake in the world


Not every person can name correctly the largest lake in the world. And here is not there is negligence on geography lessons. Because the largest reservoir of the planet on the map referred to as the sea! The Caspian sea is a closed lake of enormous size, located on the border of Asia and Europe. In form it resembles the Latin letter S, with the area of 371 thousand square kilometers In salt water of the Caspian sea are several Islands, bays and cozy coves.

The coastline stretches over 6500 km, and if we take into account also the Islands, you will be released and 7000 km Coastal zone is low-lying and sleek, rugged rivers flowing into the lake, densely covered with thickets. The average depth of the Caspian sea is 208 meters and a maximum of 1025 meters To the lake have access States such as Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan.

Other giants

And who can compete with such water giant? Are there similar to the Caspian lake? On the planet there are the reservoirs, but from the champion they are far behind. Here are their names:

Lake superior, North America (82 414 sq km) Victoria, Africa (69 485 sq km) Huron, North America (59 600 sq km) Michigan, North America (58 000 sq km) Aral sea, Eurasia (on the verge Continue reading